Interesting Sous Vide Project On Kickstarter

by DanGarion on June 21, 2012 · 0 comments

in Interesting Food News

Some of you may have heard of sous vide before. It’s the process of cooking food in a sealed container of some sort while immersed in a water bath. Looking through some of the new projects on Kickstarter introduced me to these people who have developed the Nomiku. A simple sous vide device that attaches to your pot and will do the work of keeping the temperature right and keeping the water moving as it cooks your food.

If you have never backed a Kickstarter project before it’s actually pretty neat. You are investing in the process of getting the item, service, etc. to market and depending on the level of backing you get certain perks or rewards. You can just donate a $1 for gratitude or you can donate enough to get the item itself along with lots of other perks, it’s a pretty cool process.

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