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We were in Burbank for a funeral of a close family friend of my wife’s family, so after the funeral the family decided to have some lunch.  Being that I’m the resident dude critic and the one with a smart phone I was tasked to find some British food and discovered Buchanan Arms in Burbank only minutes away from the Hollywood Forrest Lawn.


Buchanan Arms - Bangers and Mash

Buchanan Arms - Bangers and Mash



Buchanan Arms is known for serving their Bangers and Mash with deep-fried Bangers, knowing that this was a specialty I couldn’t pass it up, and neither could my brother-in-law.  I liked this style of preparation and would probably get it this was again in the future but I still think my preference for bangers it to have them grilled.  The potatoes with just a little on the thin side, while the oxtail gravy went perfect with everything it touched.


Buchanan Arms - Bangers and Mash

Buchanan Arms - Bangers and Mash



Mrs. DanGarion got her favorite British/Irish dish of Shepherd’s Pie, although technically it really is Cottage Pie since it was made with ground beef, but I’m not going to go splitting hairs.  Ground beef served with the same oxtail gravy topped with mashed potatoes and some cheese, with veggies to mix in served on the side.  She liked it a lot and said she would definitely order it again.  We also both got Cock-a-leekie Soup (no picture) before our meal which everyone that had it agreed was good.


Buchanan Arms - Shepherds Pie

Buchanan Arms - Shepherd's Pie


Buchanan Arms has been family owned and run since 1977 and does a great job serving up British Favorites along with having more traditional american food.  I did find it funny to see a pulled pork was listed under “Traditional British Favorites” the only thing I could think was that when they had their menus reprinted that someone screwed up, unless pulled pork has suddenly become a traditional British staple.

We were all very happy with our meal at Buchanan Arms and if I was in the area or someone asked me for a suggestion in the area I would certainly include them in my list of suggested restaurants.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Buchanan Arms
2013 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 845-0692

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