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by DanGarion on November 20, 2012 · 3 comments

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Crow Burger Kitchen - Green Label Burger

Crow Burger Kitchen – Green Label Burger

We’ve finally made it to the Crow Burger Kitchen in Newport Beach. You may remember we went to the Crow Bar and Kitchen back in 2011 for my birthday and weren’t really impressed. We will decided to hit up their recently opened burger sit down to see if things were any different here. Things started off pretty good as we looked over our menus and saw all the selections. Mrs. DanGarion choose to BYOB while I decided to order what I figured to be their best burger.

Mrs. DanGarion went with a BYOB $5.45 plus extras (sharp cheddar $1, grilled onions $.75, avocado $1.50, and garlic aioli $.50). She was happy with her burger although she ordered it medium well and it was barely medium with being pink all the way through. All toppings appear to have to be ordered when you get the BYOB.

I on the other hand went with the Green Label Burger with a price tag of $13.95 I figured this was the best of the best, the finest burger they could make. I mean it comes with 100% Prime chuck ground in-house for gods sake! Served with shoestring onions, bacon butter on a buttermilk bun this thing was crying out to me loved by me. The waitress mentioned that it didn’t come with cheese so I insisted on cheese, saying gruyere please! This was going to be the burger the gods would love! But a funny thing happened as I took my first bite of my burger, I didn’t really care much for it. Sure the 100% Prime ground was great and all but what’s a burger if it isn’t seasoned and lacks any defining taste. This thing needed to knock me off my socks and all it really did is make me think I wasted $14 bucks on meh.

Crow Burger Kitchen - Green Label Burger

Crow Burger Kitchen – Green Label Burger

We also went for an order of their Vidalia Onion Rings served with house made ketchup at $5.95 these things were bound to be great, but again I felt cheated with breaded onion rings that just sort of were there. Sure the onion was great, good size individual rings, but the breading didn’t have any seasoning, the ketchup did make up for it a bit, but at nearly $1 a ring they are making a killing when they sell these things.

Crow Burger Kitchen - Vidalia Onion Rings

Crow Burger Kitchen – Vidalia Onion Rings

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Not sure if there will be a third time with the Crow, but if there is, I’m going with the hangover style burger, I mean eggs, bacon, and cheese? How can that not be good!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Crow Burger Kitchen
3107 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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  • blakex

    The Hangover Burger is definitely my favorite, and I still have yet to make it to Crow Bruger. But I am a fan of Crow Bar.

  • Diamond Dog

    Thanks for the detailed review once again. I think when people set high prices, it set’s an expectation that is very high and that is the problem. I am sure if the burger you had was $6.00 it would have tasted better? I am kinda over this gourmet burger craze as some really good burgers are really cheap and there are so many places now. I wish people would do other specialized restaurants besides burgers places. We need some new trends!

    • DanGarion

      I don’t really think it would have tasted any better at $6.00 because it really had no taste at all.

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