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DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Est. 1980

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Est. 1980

On a whim from Yelp looking for somewhere to have lunch while at work today I came across DW’s Subs & Sub-Zeros in Anaheim with 4 1/2 stars. Not too far from my office I trekked down there for lunch to have one of my favorite things to eat, a sandwich. DW’s Subs & Sub-Zeros has been around since 1980, then even have a sign to prove it.

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros

The sandwiches are no frills fare, your typical sub shop varieties are present, turkey, ham, salami, roast beef, corned beef, etc. I went with one of my litmus test sandwiches the turkey club, by ordering a club I get a wide range of ingredients with turkey, bacon, and avocado and it almost always hits the spot.

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Turkey Club

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Turkey Club $7.99

There are two sizes of sandwiches at DW’s the smaller 7″ and the larger 12″, being that I was starving from lack of breakfast I decided to treat myself to a 12″ sandwich on their customary white rolls. The bread was your typical soft white little crunch sub roll that you find at many of the mom and pop establishments throughout Orange County, it’s decent bread but fairly boring. The ingredients in the sandwich where rather basic, lower than Boar’s Head grade turkey, precooked and then microwaved salty bacon, and avocado mash that resembled guacamole more than avocado. Produce consisted of wilted iceberg lettuce and cold slices of tomatoes, I could have had onions but I don’t really like raw onions on my sandwiches. Every sandwich comes with dressing as well, instead of mayo or mustard, but you can have them if you want them, I went with the dressing which was a thick version of italian dressing that did liven up the ho-hum ingredients. Overall the sandwich was just below what I would consider average, but it wasn’t terrible. If I lived in the area I could see myself going there every so often and probably leaving a bit disappointed, especially since there are so many other sandwich shop options around.

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Turkey Club 12'

DW's Subs & Sub-Zeros Turkey Club 12'

I really wanted to like DW’s Subs & Sub-Zeros but at the end of the day the taste, quality, and quantity of ingredients just didn’t really add up to a good sandwich. Hey but they do have ice cream, and make slushies!

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

DW’s Subs & Sub-Zeros
5031 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92807
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