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by DanGarion on July 20, 2010 · 2 comments

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Outside La Casita

Outside La Casita

Continuing along with my special Mexican Breakfast in Orange feature (I know it’s been a couple of months!) I visited La Casita L C on Lincoln in Orange for a great breakfast.  I had visited La Casita in the past planning to write-up a review but my pictures didn’t turn out as well as I wished so I never wrote it.  Fortunately today fate brought me back to La Casita when I realized that the original place I was going to have breakfast at (Orange Tree Deli) didn’t open for breakfast till 9 AM!  La Casita specializes in Tex-Mex breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  Owned by a woman old enough to be my grandma that greats every customer with a smile, she really makes you feel at home when you enter.  La Casita is in a converted old house and has served up meals in Orange since 1982.

For my breakfast I had what many of you will realize is becoming my go to breakfast when I visit Mexican restaurants for breakfast, chilaqueiles ($7.95) along with 2 eggs served over medium on top ($1 extra per egg).  I have to admit in the past I’ve always had the eggs scrambled up in the chilaqueiles, but I think I’ve now been converted to having my eggs served right on top, so I can get the yolk to mingle with all the other ingredients.  Beans (your choice of whole pinto or refried) and rice are served with the meal and both of them are above average, especially once you start mixing bits and pieces up with one another.  My only disappointment with La Casita are the chips that are served with their chips and salsa, they are just store-bought chips, I would really love to see some fresh home-made style chips, considering how good the from scratch salsa is.  Fortunately for the chilaqueiles the chips are find, since they get broken down from the tomato goodness of the sauce they are cooked with.

La Casita's Chilaqueiles with Eggs

La Casita's Chilaqueiles with Eggs

Service was good and the woman that owns the place is nice.  I do think it’s a bit expensive, my meal with Iced Tea came out to be $14, I guess it was the eggs that made it that much and they mark up their drinks a bit.  I’m looking forward to trying some lunch and dinner here, once I’m able to convince Mrs. DanGarion that we should go out and have some Mexican food (she hasn’t really wanted to have Mexican for a while now).

visit for breakfast on Saturday 07/10/2010 @8 am

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

La Casita LC
209 E. Lincoln
Orange, CA 92865

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  • Jojo

    I love this place, the store bought chips are great with their home made salsa. I put that salsa on everything I eat. It is a bit pricey but that what you get for a good home cooked meal. The flour tortillas are home made and excellent.

  • DanGarion

    That's true they have good salsa. But it would be even better if they have fresh chips! Oh well, you can't have it all.

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