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The Globe in Garden Grove is a restaurant that I have been meaning to check out for quite a while. A good friend of ours (Josh also known as DJ Gummo, who is a great DJ if you are looking for one) is a strong supporter of locally owned small businesses in and around the Main St. area of Garden Grove recommended The Globe to me shortly after they opened in the middle of last year. The Globe touts itself as a gastropub bringing food from around the world and having a large selection of Belgian Beers both on tap and in bottles. The menu includes a number of small plates; such as smoked salmon wrapped asparagus and Belgian fries with beer stew gravy, to appetizers like; tzatziki and sundried tomato hummus and a Charcuterie Platter (cured meats from around the globe with seasonal trimmings). The dinner menu has soups, salads, seafood, beef, chicken, hearty hot sandwiches, and gourmet pizzas.

The Globe Leffe Blond

The Globe Leffe Blond

Being that it is my birthday week I decided to start my meal off with something special from the bar by ordering the Leffe Blond. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that The Globe isn’t kidding around with their beer, my Leffe was served at the perfect temperature for Belgian Beer (right around 45 degrees) instead of the typical ice-cold you would get from a normal chain restaurant. It’s a subtlety like this that stands out.

Both Mrs. DanGarion and I were in the soup and sandwich mood. We both ordered the  for starters. We both agreed that the soup needed just a hint more salt. I felt the addition of salt helped bring the soup together whereas the Mrs. still felt the soup was overpowered by the swiss cheese because it didn’t have enough onion flavor.

The Globe Parisian Onion Soup

The Globe Parisian Onion Soup

And then we were on to the main course, Mrs. DanGarion ordered the Meatball Madeira sandwich, French baguette, hand rolled meatballs, their own madeira sauce, mozzarella cheese, served with Belgian fries. It was spot on for her, she liked everything about the sandwich, especially the sauce. She also loved the perfectly cooked Belgian fries crispy on the outside while still moist on the inside.

The Globe Meatball Madeira Sandwich

The Globe Meatball Madeira Sandwich

I ordered the Meatloaf Grinder, Seasoned meatloaf, bacon bits, onions, Swiss cheese, served with Belgian fries and cole slaw. The meatloaf was exactly the way I like it, crispy on the outside while not dry inside. One thing I found interesting with the meatloaf was that it appeared they use some cured meat in the mixture (probably to help turnover food that will spoil if they don’t use it). The cole slaw was fairly good as well, now that I think of it I should have put it on the sandwich.

The Globe Meatloaf Grinder

The Globe Meatloaf Grinder

Overall we were fairly pleased with our meal at The Globe. It’s a shame it appears not many people know such a great restaurant exists on Main Street in Garden Grove, because from the moment we walked in to when we left we were the only patrons. Service was good and we were well received even when the waiter realized I was using a Restaurant.Com gift certificate. It is locally owned and ran restaurants like The Globe that made me want to review the wonderful restaurants we have in Orange County.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Globe
12926 Main Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840

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  • Taylor Toussaint

    My brother has been raving about this place for a few months now. I finally went last Friday and it was pretty good. It was actually super busy because of the Friday night car show on main street. The beer selection is good but the knowledge that the owner has about the beers is pretty amazing. I will have to make it back when it is less crowded.

  • SoCalJules

    Love this place – the owners, the food, the decor.  We meet here with our Friends Across Cultures group and Dutch in the OC group.  If you are an expat or immigrant living in the OC check out the groups via meetup.   Definitely eat at the Globe – try the Belgian fries with the spicy Samurai sauce – delish!

    • DanGarion

      Thanks for the tidbit!

  • Johnny Automatic

    Went last night and found the place hit and miss.  Except for my rather large group of 14 people who showed up at one point or another, all the other action was at the bar.  Looked to be regular bar patrons and not too many diners.  This was also on Friday Night with the car show.  I am glad you had good fries as I was sorely disappointed in mine. Instead of crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside as you describe, mine were flat out soggy.  Hopefully just a bad night for the kitchen.

    Also ran into some issues with happy hour pricing.  Our group had probably 15 items on our bill that should have been a dollar off for happy hour but only $3 of discounts were applied.  The advert cards clearly state all appetizers and all hoppas are $1 off, but when we asked were we told that some of the items were hoppas and so didn’t count.  ??? – odd circular talking going on.  

    We had asked about separate checks as we first started ordering and were told no.  We explained that our group would be coming and going at different times and almost all would pay their own way.  We were of the understanding that it would be easy to pull things off the master bill onto sub-bills.  That’s pretty common with modern registers and I usually don’t worry about the restaurant doing this. But here it was a real pain.  We ended up having to trust them as no revised bill with paid items removed ever appeared.  

    I’ll have to give them a try with just the wife and I and hope for some real Belgian fries

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