Don’t Know Anything About Dining Out In Colorado? Read This Guide


Restaurant guide

Individuals looking for new restaurants to try in the state of Colorado have a great selection. With around 11,000 locations to choose from, dining out in Colorado never has to be boring again. From Italian restaurants that offer splendid outdoor dining options to seafood restaurants with a downtown feel, locals and visitors often enjoy dining out at independently owned, non-chain locations–75% of Colorado’s restaurants. Here are a guide consisting of only a small sampling of some restaurants that are located in various Colorado cities.

Boulder Restaurant Guide

With a population just shy of 100,000, Colorado’s city of Boulder has a many well-loved spots for individuals interested in dining out. If you would like to try one of the top-rated restaurants in Boulder, you may want to check out the Flagstaff House Restaurant. This elegant fine dining establishment has views overlooking the city and a full staff complete with wine stewards. On the less expensive end of the spectrum, Noodles and Company is a beloved favorite of those looking for a quick bite to eat for a good value.

Denver Restaurant Guide

Denver’s restaurant sales were reportedly increasing at the second fastest rate in the United States as of March 31st. Here are a couple of notable restaurants in the Denver area. One popular restaurant in the Highland neighborhood of Denver is Uncle. Serving Japanese fusion dishes including Ramen, this restaurant is great for people who enjoy spicy flavors. Another popular option in Denver is the Cherry Cricket. More of a burger joint with affordable pricing, this restaurant is open late night and has a light-hearted atmosphere. If you are interested in trying some wacky burger toppings, this may be your go to option for dining out.

Fort Collins Restaurant Guide

One Fort Collins restaurant that customers seem to keep returning to is Maza Kabob. Catering to diners who want to eat at affordable prices, Maza Kabob is described as providing homemade, authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Another popular restaurant option in the Fort Collins area is Choice City Butcher and Deli. This restaurant is open for all meals of the day and in addition to restaurant, butcher and deli, they have 35 tap handles of craft beer to try.

With so many options to choose from, dining out in Colorado should never be boring. For a variety of cuisines at every price point, keep exploring and discovering great places for eating out.

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