Making Vanilla Ice Cream the Star of the Party


Summer is when the weather heats up, cookouts are set up in backyards, and invitations to graduation parties and weddings are popping up in everyone’s mailboxes. Happy celebrations call for equally happy dessert, and of course, the natural pairing for party cake in summer is good, old-fashioned ice cream. When families choose what flavors will be the best people-pleasers for their events, many gravitate towards vanilla as a classic dessert staple. Surveys have shown that vanilla is consistently the most loved flavor of ice cream. Vanilla ice cream on its own is grand, but here are some ideas for adding some flair to this simple flavor and turning it into the life of the party.

  1. Set up an ice cream buffet
    The standard ice cream sundae has a base of vanilla with drizzles of chocolate syrup and colorful candies, topped with whipped cream and a cherry, of course. You can’t go wrong with setting up a simple buffet for ice cream sundaes where your guests can make their own dessert concoctions.
  2. Create custom ice cream cups
    Custom cups are a ridiculously cute personalized detail for special events like wedding receptions, anniversaries, or baby showers. Even simple vanilla ice cream looks like a dream in pretty cups printed with names, dates, and pictures that are special to the party people.
  3. Use colored spoons
    You don’t just get to dress up the ice cream and the cups. Did you know you can get color-changing spoons that react like magic to chilly frozen treats? These would be a great hit for a kids birthday party, or even a gender reveal celebration for a new baby. You can choose which colors to order and surprise your guests!
  4. Try an alternative frozen dessert
    Gelato is ice cream’s richer, creamier cousin. Add a touch of sophistication to vanilla flavor by replacing your ice cream choice with a nice gelato. If you’re feeling health-conscious, frozen yogurt can get the job done too, especially if you take the idea of an ice cream buffet and revamp it to create an uber-yummy and uber-trendy frozen yogurt bar.

There you have it. Desserts are a special opportunity to get creative, so don’t ever feel limited by your family and friends’ probable preference for plain vanilla! Use your imagination to beat the summer heat and celebrate in sweet style.

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