Taking A Look At The Popularity Of And Consumption Of Frozen Treats In The United States


There’s nothing like a frozen treat on a hot summer day. After all, it is perhaps one of the very best ways out there to beat the heat. From strawberry paletas to ice cream sundaes to popsicles, the variety of frozen treats is also hugely impressive, to say the least. You’re also quite likely to easily find frozen yogurt in your neighborhood (or in one of the neighboring neighborhood, so to speak) if you’re looking to watch your weight or perhaps make more of a healthy choice than ice cream or even gelato.

Ice cream, for instance, is perhaps one of the most popular frozen treats around. You’ll even be able to find it in abundance in just every type of grocery store out there. In fact, more than three quarters of all households here in the United States alone currently have at least some amount of ice cream in their freezers at this current moment – in fact, this number is estimated to encompass as much has 87% of the total population, which is the vast majority of all people, to say the least.

And ice cream is certainly popular not just here in the United States but all throughout many other parts of the world as well. In fact, the amount of ice cream that this one country alone exports on a yearly basis is that of 60,000 metric tons. This ice cream goes to Canada, Mexico, and even the Caribbean islands, where people from all different backgrounds (and certainly of all different ages) get to enjoy it fully. However, there is definitely more ice cream consumed here in the United States than truly anywhere else in the world – after all, as many as 26 liters of the stuff will be consumed per person on a yearly basis, which is certainly quite impressive by just about any standards.

Variations upon ice cream are also, of course, popular. The aforementioned frozen yogurt shops have sprung up in a large variety of places all throughout the country, ideal for those who are looking for a lower fat option but still craving the richness and creaminess of ice cream. Many frozen yogurt shops involve topping bars, allowing anyone who goes there to further customize their frozen treat experience, choosing to err on the healthy side with various fresh fruits or even choosing to splurge and go for some decadence in the form of candy pieces and chocolate sauce. At just about any given frozen yogurt shop here in the United States, the options are nearly endless.

Paletas are also popular, particularly in hispanic communities (though they are enjoyed by a wider and more diverse group of people as well). Strawberry paletas, for instance, are quite commonly found in many different places and aside from strawberry paletas, many other types of paletas are also frequently offered, from more traditional Mexican paletas to paletas from a specialty popsicle store. When it comes to strawberry paletas and other types of paletas, the options, like with many other types of frozen desserts found both here in the United States as well as considerably outside of it, are nearly endless. Dulce de leche is another popular Mexican treat, and one that can even come as a pallet flavor, fulling showing the scope that paletas can fill, even if your favorite always remains strawberry paletas and other such traditional flavors.

If you’re looking for the best desserts in Miami or really anywhere else in this country, consider paletas – especially strawberry paletas, which are loved by so many. Paletas like strawberry paletas can be made using milk or without it, meaning that those who have various dietary restrictions can still very much enjoy paletas like strawberry paletas. If you’re looking for something that’s far creamier and likely more rich, however, you can certainly find strawberry paletas, among many other flavors of paletas, that have been made using milk or milk products.

But no matter what type of frozen dessert it is that you prefer, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be able to find it with ease.

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