Keep Events Cool with Candy Buffets


Make your next party or event spectacular with a candy buffet. Whether you choose gourmet candy or familiar favorites, a candy buffet is a popular choice since nearly 1 in every 4 American adults choose to consume at least a single piece of candy every day. That’s a lot of candy and shows that Americans over the age of 18 consume 65% of candy that is produced annually. With a little creative candy arranging, a candy buffet is sure to be a success!

Candy buffets are more than just tasty. They are perfect for holidays, weddings, office parties or any type of event that you want to be a show-stopper. Purchase bulk personalized candy, mint candy, chewy candy, chocolate candy, gourmet lollipops, gummy candy and much more online. Purchasing in bulk is an easy, affordable and creative way to shop for candy for all occasions.

Showcase Mint Candy

Who doesn’t love sweet, creamy mint candy? There are many types of mint candy, enough to create an entire tasty buffet. Showcase buttermints, peppermints, white wedding mints, spearmint mints, fruit starlight mints, taffy mints and chocolate mints that are all deliciously decorative and tasty. There many types of mint candy that are perfect for keeping every party cool and minty sweet!

Color Themed Candy Personalizes Buffets

Candy that is personalized to match a particular color theme is ideal for business parties, communion parties, events and weddings. Following a color scheme is easy when you purchase traditional candy staples including candied almonds, taffy, tootsie rolls and lollipops that all reflect the colors you desire. A color coordinated candy buffet is a tantalizing addition for any chic get-together.

This Is No Trick, Treat Party Goers to a Halloween Candy Buffet

Halloween and candy go hand in hand. Your next Halloween party and candy buffets are a great pairing too! Stop just handing candy bags out at your parties. Use decorative jars, dishes and bowls all Halloween themed to create a Spooktacular candy spread that treats instead of tricks. Keep the theme more mature with gourmet candy purchased from a gourmet store online.

Give Thanks with a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Candy Spread

Who says Thanksgiving is all about the turkey? Surely not the children being put to sleep with traditional foods that may not quite tantalize their palate, or yours for that matter. Give thanks for candy with a Thanksgiving candy buffet that will have guests of all ages gobbling sweets from candy pumpkins to peppermint bark.

It Wouldn’t Be a Christmas Celebration without Candy!

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas candy spread that perfectly suits the holiday. A Christmas themed buffet chock full of a wide variety of Christmas candy makes the holiday even more cheery. Think of all the candy that once filled your stocking and put in your buffet. You can’t eat delicious candy without smiling and enjoying nostalgic sweets that take you right back to your childhood. Put a little more Christmas cheer in your holiday with a Candyland Christmas themed buffet.

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