How to Choose an Event Catering Service


Menu for a wedding reception

When planning a wedding, event catering service is one of the most important decisions to be made. The venue and catering services you choose will dictate the majority of the cost for your event, and it greatly influences the overall success of the event. The food that is served, how it is served, and how timely and accommodating the catering staff is greatly impacts the perceived cost of the event. The more personalized the service and interesting the food, the greater the perceived value will be.

While deep fried appetizers, fatty pork chops, and heavy cream sauce used to be the expectation when attending a wedding, those days are long gone. Today, people anticipate dishes with organic and sustainable ingredients. Wedding guests look forward to bite-sized treats like antipasto skewers with an olive, grape tomatoes, and cheese sprinkled with fresh virgin olive oil and basil or mini chicken lettuce wraps served with Thai peanut sauce.

Another change in wedding trends that center around the event catering service is when the reception is being held. In order to get more for their money while still putting on an elegant event, many couples are opting for an afternoon affair. Many good caterers now offer brunch menus that include items like omelet stations and mimosas.

Other buffet style event menus that are growing in popularity are salsa and guacamole bars, sundae bars, slider bars, and taco bars. Setting up a food bar is less expensive than plated meals, and the guests love them. It gives each guest more control over their meal while making the process more enjoyable.

After the release of the Great Gatsby, Gatsby-spired weddings jumped in popularity with caters serving tea sandwiches and setting up champagne towers. If you?re a night owl, late-night snack menus are also increasing in popularity. Events that go after 10 pm are now offering late-night snack or slider bars for guests to keep the party going. A successful and growing event catering service will stay current on the trends and be able to accommodate these requests.

When choosing a venue and catering service, there are a few things you should know about the catering business aside from the food options. For example, all caterers and their entire staff should be up-to-date on all food safety laws within the state. Some caterers will also provide decor, table arrangements, and food presentation options. Be sure to ask for a complete list of services when meeting with a potential caterer.

A good caterer can adjust recipes and food options to accommodate guests that have food allergies or cooking methods that don?t fit religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. If you or your wedding guests have special dietary needs that need to be addressed, bring this up with potential caterers prior to signing a contract. That way you will know all of your options ahead of time.

Typically, unless agreed upon ahead of time, you don’t get to keep the leftovers when you have your event catered. Additionally, remote locations such as farms, vineyards, and ranches may have limited options in terms of catering or kitchen facilities. If food needs to be brought in pre-cooked, buffet style or food stations may be your best choice. Your perspective caterer may have a different dinner catering menu for events that don’t allow for on-site preparation. Be sure to discuss this with potential caterers ahead of time.

Every couple wants their wedding and reception to be fun and memorable. That is why many are no longer settling for the traditional plated menu options. Take your event to a different level with a personalized or themed menu. Regardless of what you want, there is an event catering service that can make it happen. What’s your idea of a great wedding menu?

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