3 Ideas for Custom Ice Cream Cups


Custom printed ice cream cups

One of the biggest priorities of running a frozen yogurt or ice cream shop is selecting the right ice cream shop supplies. Overall, there are approximately 2,582 frozen yogurt stores alone, as of 2013. Sure, you can save some money by using typical paper cups, but if you really want to set your business apart investing time and money into things like custom ice cream cups can have great returns.

About 40% of Americans will consume ice cream at some point in any given two-week period. Not everyone will choose your business because of your custom ice cream cups, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Here are three ideas to think about to help you stand out.

  1. Name of Business: One easy and important thing to add on your cups is the name of your business and any logo or slogan you might have. This will help, even if it’s just on a subliminal level, customers remember your name and associate you with (hopefully) delicious ice cream.
  2. Seasonal Designs: Creating a variety of seasonal/relevant designs is not only a great way to stand out, but also show you’re a business owner that cares and is keeping up with consistent maintenance. Bright, warm colors are the perfect compliment to custom ice cream cups in the summertime and things like snowflakes make sense for the winter.
  3. Collectible/Reusable Promotion: While the other two suggestions can be done without a whole lot of effort, this idea might require a little more planning. Establishments like bars and restaurants often times create collectible-style mugs or cups that can be reused, usually as part of an ongoing promotion. Why not try the same thing with custom ice cream cups?

    Design a cup and make it out of something like plastic and offer some sort of deal when you bring it back to get refilled. This will not only be a great marketing strategy to bring in new customers, but also give regulars a reason to really feel good about coming back again soon.

Vanilla remains the most popular flavor among consumers at 28%, according to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies. Just because most people’s favorite flavor is vanilla doesn’t mean your marketing strategies and specifically ice cream cups have to be too. Enlist the help of a local artist if you need help coming up with some cool designs and try to incorporate all three of the suggestions into one awesome cup to really give your small business the push it needs.

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