Restaurant reviews that will help you find the best restaurants and food in Orange County!

I’m James Green, a food enthusiast who loves every type of food, especially barbecue food (barbecue chicken and ribs are my favorites) and Mexican food! I was born in Orange County, California (the OC) and I enjoy trying new restaurants.  I have tested out new recipes in my kitchen at home, and I am guilty of inviting my friends over and using them as my guinea pigs when I cook and grill.  I still reside in the O.C. and I have reviewed a number of restaurants online that I have dined out to; I’ve done reviews on Yelp and other food review websites.  Also, I have been known to drive to other parts of CA, outside of Orange County, in order to try out different restaurants and review their food.  Some of these restaurants have had amazing food, and others have had food that left me disappointed and feeling sick on my long drive home.  I was inspired to start Eat In OC, a restaurant review website, because of my love for almost every type of food! I enjoy eating food like steak, fish, pizza, burgers, and all types of dessert.  I’m always looking for new restaurants to try out in the United States, so let me know what the best restaurants in your area are and who knows, I may have to take a vacation or weekend getaway trip to check out these suggested places.

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