What to know before you start beekeeping


Raw honey

There are a lot of different and fun jobs out in the world that fit every personality and lifestyle. The problems only come when people are discouraged from pursuing their dreams, no matter what they might be. They don’t have to be high lofty ambitions either. While some people dream of being CEOs and bank professionals, other just want to hang out with their friends and see the sun set over the ocean. Whatever you want to do, you should pursue it with a fiery passion and find a way to cultivate your own money and lifestyle around it. It can be scary, yes, but just because it’s scary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. In fact, the scarier something is, the more triumph there is in surmounting it as an obstacle. If you have any sort of dream, even if seems impossibly far away, you should try and make a schedule and work through it one day at a time. By taking every day as it comes and parsing out each part of your dream one step at a time, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Let’s take a look at a solid narrative that explores this idea within a slightly larger framework.

    Starting with the basics
    We start with a jar of raw organic honey or maybe a jar of flavored honey stix. Now you might be asking yourself how these two things fit into the framework of making an impassioned goal come true. That’s a good question but first we have to start at the very beginning. Cassie is a woman living in one of the last thriving rural towns in Montana. It’s a forgotten sort of place, with woods on one side and a lake on the other. While most other factory towns like hers have since fallen by the wayside, hers has hung on, somehow. She herself works as a secretary at the factory that still produces cars, albeit in lower quantities than they did decades ago. She’s a hard worker and she likes her job. She has two cats and lives alone with no problem. She has no interest in dating really and, in her spare time, she paints pictures of ships she imagines sailing from the surface of the lake into the sky. Cassie is clearly a content woman but, one day, she begins to want something more out of life. She wants to take care of something though, as she’s made clear to her family, it’s not children. She enters into a farmers market and there she sees a sign. Bee pollen for sale, it says.
    Bee pollen for sale
    Bee pollen for sale, she repeats. She thinks it about it for a second and decides to keep exploring the market. She sees royal jelly capsules and fresh vegetables and strange clockwork trinkets. All it once, it passes through her. She knows what she’s interested in doing. It’s been around the whole time in the farmer’s market, she just hadn’t been seeing it. Beekeeping shouldn’t be hard around where she lives. There’s more than enough space and the resources are right there. There’s even a beekeepers association in her town. All she needs to do is ask about what they do and how they work.
    Bee pollen for sale, a new life for sale
    So, just by keeping herself open, Cassie has learned what she wants to do. She asks the clerk at the market what she’ll need to do to start earning her keep, pun intended, as a beekeeper. He tells her all about the right gloves and masks she’ll need, the right methods she’ll need and the places she can go to start buying her hives. She takes meticulous notes on her phone and heads home to place a few phone calls to the local beekeeping association. It’s a little scary at first but she doesn’t back down or think about what it might mean to fail. She stays alert and thinks hard and clear about what it will mean to take care of so many little tiny lives. Only by being open, clear and present can we start making our dreams come true.

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