Golf The Frustrating and Beautiful Game


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It remains a certain rite of passage, when a young man or woman receives their first set of golf clubs. The beautiful game consists of nine or 18-hole golf courses, often in luscious green hills and crannies, fairways and greens, where the men and women who chose the game tee off in hopes of conquering the course.

Golf elicits all sorts of emotions. There is excitement and fear, hope and anxiety, a thrill of the right shot versus the agony of a missed putt. These emotions may make golf one of those sports that is hard to ever truly master. Within golf, there are a multitude of shot selections with different environmental elements at play. A bunker here and a rough patch there, and golf becomes entwined with progress–and battle too.

The rules of the game are simple at heart. For instance, a maximum of 14 golf clubs is allowed during each stipulated round. A regulation ball has exactly 336 dimples and the chance of two hoes in one in a single around are approximately 67 million to 1. The game originated in the United Kingdom. By 1900, there were more than 1000 golf clubs in the United States.

Golfers often try for their best golf game by practicing diligently on the practice greens at the driving range. A best golf game needs to include practicing the following aspects: driving, with a driver, woods, and iron clubs; fairway hitting, often with irons; and chipping and putting.

There are many places to practice strokes on the way to their best golf game. Driving ranges offer mats and even grass spots to practice hitting. They also offer putting greens and places to chip to the hole. Getting to the best golf game requires work and often simple repeating of strokes, day after day.

For those looking to move to the perils of the course, there are many options there as well. Often, cities and municipalities will offer public golf courses and even public golf tournaments. These golf courses can be extremely well-maintained and hold many kinds of difficulties for the average golfer.

Another possibilities to search for golf courses is to use a simple search engine to find the ones in your area. For instance, someone living in Delaware can look up ‘golf courses in Delaware.’ For someone living in Newark, they can look up ‘golf courses in Newark.’ The ability to look up golf courses in your area has increased with the accessibility of the robust Internet, with even ‘Wilmington DE golf courses’ being available.

Whether you’re looking to buy some golf clubs for a friend or willing to hone your skills at a driving range, golf offers numerous possibilities to develop mental rigor and fortitude, as well as the ability to handle emotions and focus. Many call it the beautiful game and while it can be frustrating, it has its benefits.

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