How To Get Your ABC License



If you?ve just opened a restaurant or an establishment where foods and beverage will be served, you might want to think about adding liquor to those lists of beverages in the menu. However, before you do that you will need to apply for and receive an abc license or abc permit from your state. Below are the steps you need to take and some things you need to know before applying for your permit.

Before you apply it?s important that you fully understand the state laws regarding selling and servicing alcoholic beverage to the public. You need to know exactly what kind of alcohol are permitting for your to sell, what are the hours of the day are you legally able to sell alcohol, the limits of alcoholic drinks you can sell, what are the qualifications for receiving a license, and what is the cost of the license. These laws and regulations tend to vary between states, cities, and countries. Therefore it?s imperative that you are fully aware of these laws. You will not be able to legally sell or serve alcohol without a this permit. While the application process may take a while it’s safe to say that you bet invest your time to obtaining the the permit rather than falling to legal issues that may land you in jail, fined, and losing your establishment all together.

The requirement or qualifications for applying for your abc license goes as follows:

  • You must be more than 21 years of age in order to sell and serve alcohol
  • Yo have to be a residence of the state or city in which you are applying for the license for more than 90 days before applying for the
  • Having a criminal record might impair you from receiving your abc license
  • It?s important that your receive your seller?s permit from the State Department of Revenue before applying for your abc license
  • before you get your license, you are also responsible for taking and passing your beverage server training course first

There are also different abc licenses that you have to be aware of. They are usually related to the type of alcohol that you will be serving and selling. Some of the key licensed that are important for you to have if you have a restaurant that you plan to open includes:

  • Look for the several options for 3.2% beer license
  • Explore your options in obtain a license for beer and wine, the most popular drinks
  • Look into the brewpub license as well if you would like to sell, beer, wine, and liquor
  • Look for a permit that allows you to sell beer, wine, and liquor for the consumption of the public

A standard liquor abc license will permit you to sell, beer, wine, and liquor as long as the total revenue does not go over 40%. Is some case even the size of your establishment might affect the type of license your are able to receive. If you are also selling food than your best bet is to apply for a tavern license. These are for places that sell food but specializes in alcoholic beverages. It?s much cheaper and easier to just apply for a beer and wine license than getting something that includes liquor, if you run a small restaurant or eatery.

Just applying for the abc license does not guarantee that you will
receive one or retain one once you do. If you compile multiple complaints regarding your establishment or if you fail to pay certain fees, your abc license may be denied or taken away by the city or the state. If you are denied you can either have a partner with a clean record take over the license, ask a lawyer about certain avenues you can take that will allow you to get the license back if there are zoning regulations involved, or just pay the fines or fees that are impeding you from receiving the licenses. To steer clear of any fines make sure you ask for id before selling or serving, cut off those who are so intoxicated that they cannot control themselves, and know when it is considered illegal to serve alcohol when it is considered legal to do so.

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