What You Should Know About Ice Cream Popularity Throughout The United States


There is nothing quite like having some ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Ice cream is the perfect hot day treat, one that will both cool you off and satisfy your stomach all at once. With ice cream, it is possible to experience a number of different sensations, all of them important and intriguing. After all, there are many different kinds of ice cream out there indeed – and even many different ways to eat ice cream, from paper ice cream cups to the traditional ice cream cone.

The flavors of ice cream are so immense and so many that just about everyone can find an ice cream flavor to fit their particular tastes. The most popular, of course, are the classics. As a matter of fact, vanilla is the best selling flavor, according to the data gathered for the year of 2018. It made up around one third of all ice cream sales in that year, though popular options like chocolate also made their mark, something that should certainly be noted when it comes to ice cream sales. In fact, the popularity of chocolate is still hugely impressive, with chocolate ice cream sales alone making up very nearly one fifth (around 19%, to be just a bit more exact) seen all throughout the country.

And the modes of eating ice cream are many and varied as well. Ice cream cups are hugely common at ice cream parlors, as these ice cream cups provide an option for eating ice cream that is largely mess free. For children and adults alike, ice cream cups are widely utilized and widely loved as a device to facilitate the use of ice cream. In addition to ice cream cups, ice cream sundaes, often served in a long glass dish, are commonplace. These treats are ideal for those who are looking for something a bit more decadent and rich – or even a dish that can be easily and readily shared. For many people, the ice cream sundae, served with long metal ice cream spoons, provide the perfect option for eating ice cream with someone else. And with all of the toppings that are available for people to choose from, the ice cream sundae can truly be a build your own adventure.

In addition to this, milkshakes, served in an ice cream cup or the like, can provide an ice cream treat that is perfect for on the go. Ice cream cones are ideal as well, and can even add to the overall deliciousness of the treat as a whole. But where, exactly, can you get ice cream, be it in a cone or in ice cream cups or a to go cup or what not?

Fortunately, there are many ways to get ahold of ice cream, keeping in trend with the rest of the information surrounding the popularity of ice cream. Of course, you can get ice cream from a local ice cream parlor or restaurant, but you can also buy it in just about every grocery store or superstore to keep in your very own home. As a matter of fact, this is a very important and popular thing to do, with more than 85% of the total American population stating that they have at least one carton of ice cream in their home at this very moment.

After all, we eat truly an immense amount of ice cream over the course of the typical year. In fact, the average person living in just this country is likely to eat ice cream more than 28 times throughout the course of a single year. With up to 90% of all households found throughout the country having some type of frozen treat on a regular basis, this should come as no real surprise. For while ice cream production and sales are certainly the highest throughout the month of June, it is also true that ice cream is delicious all year round. After all, there’s not much better than a warm slice of pie topped with a scoop or two of ice cream, something that easily makes the perfect holiday treat for just about anyone.

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