Review: Where to find O.C.’s top 10 steaks


Great steaks are very costly. If you are looking for special USDA prime steak then you must be ready to pay good amount for it. No doubt, prices never give you guarantee of meat quality. One year has been lapsed but I have never found Orange County’s best steak so far.

I was at the original Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Newport Beach where i ordered my New York strip medium-rare. I turned out to be frustrated when I got overcooked steak despite paying $58. The waitress noticed and astonished me by saying that “would you like steak to be cooked under iron press for giving a little extra char?” I was shocked.

I have been eating steaks since my childhood and it was for the first time that someone asked such a creepy question.  In the beginning, I was thinking to say no but I thought give it a try and said to the waitress yes, bring it.

When the steak arrived, I was really happy. It was masterfully cooked. It brought cherishing moments for me. It was perfectly cooked. It was offering me the true taste of USDA Prime.  When I was chewing it, I was feeling so good because it was my one of the best experiences of my life.  Actually, there are three types of beef, prime, select and choice.  Prime is the best and most costly type. However, one must always prefer prime steaks for better dining experience.

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