Do You Need a New Snack Food? Consider Savory Hummus As an Option


Garlic hummus

Are you looking for a snack food that is healthier than the typical fare? Perhaps you are going to be hosting a party soon and you need some ideas. Either way, considering hummus spread may be just the thing, whether it’s traditional or a different variety such as spicy hummus dip or roasted garlic hummus dip.

Recipes with hummus are not overly complicated, comprised primarily of chickpeas, along with tahini and some other ingredients. The taste is quite savory, and can be used in conjunction with everything from pita chips to vegetables.

And compared to other snacks, hummus calories can be considerably fewer. You may find that hummus nutrition is just the thing to take the place of junk foods.

You don’t have to use hummus for dipping alone. You can also include it in wraps, sandwiches, or other foods. It all comes down to which flavors you prefer. Feel free to be creative when using hummus in your recipes.

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