Five Delicious Dishes That Are Practically Made for Salsa


How to make authentic mexican salsa

What is salsa without the perfect tortilla chip to accompany it?

Actually, salsa can be a key ingredient in some of the best southwestern-inspired dishes that you can make. And when you learn how to make authentic Mexican salsa for these recipes with salsa dip, this ingredient just packs a bigger taste punch. Perhaps best of all, recipes using salsa tend to be low in calories and high in nutrition.

To bring a little more zest to your dinner table, try out any of these five delicious recipes using salsa:

1. Chicken taco soup: For a warmed-up southwestern dish, try bringing together some salsa with chicken, beans and rice in a slow cooker. The result will be savory, satisfying and unbelievably healthy.

2. Salsa-filled beef fajitas: Don’t just settle for lettuce and cheese to top off your fajitas — throw some homemade salsa into the mix! Make a few different kinds of salsa so you can try a few different kinds on your fajita creations.

3. Black bean soup: Whether it’s a cold winter evening or not, you’ll love the texture and spice that a good salsa can bring to black bean soup. The spice and zest of salsa perfectly offsets the heartiness of the black beans.

4. Seafood tacos with mango salsa: Whether you prefer fish or shrimp, any seafood-based tacos with a mango salsa added will make your taste buds swim with excitement.

5. Slow-cooked chili: Without salsa, any chili dish is basically just meat and cheese. Adding salsa of any kind to your chili recipes will liven up this summer cookout staple instantly.

There are countless different types of salsa available — and even more recipes that come to life when salsa is added. Try your hand at any of these recipes and taste the difference that salsa can bring to a dish! Good references here:

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