Easy Recipes with Hummus That the Whole Family Will Love


Hummus recipe

Eating healthy can be difficult for those who are on the go. For those who have families to feed, it can also be a challenge to keep everyone eating nutritious yet convenient foods. When it comes to eating healthy in an easy way, whether in a hurry or not, hummus is one of the easiest foods to incorporate into your diet.

What is hummus? Hummus is a spread and dip made from chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans). Typically, hummus is made when the chickpeas are mashed and mixed with tahini (or sesame paste), salt, pepper, and other flavors. Some easy hummus recipes call for the use of olive oil, and you can also add other ingredients, such as roasted red peppers, spinach and artichokes, and other vegetables. Hummus can either be made from scratch or, for more convenience, all different types of hummus can be bought in stores.

There are several easy recipes with hummus that you can use for your family for lunches and dinners or just as a snack. Here are just a few ways that hummus spreads and dips can go with these dishes:

    1. Hummus Pitas: One of the most common recipes with hummus involves putting it into a pita or a wrap and eating it like a sandwich. A pita is a type of flat bread that can be rolled or opened up into pockets. Most people put some greens, tomatoes, and other vegetables with their hummus to make it a sandwich. While it is possible to use hummus as a spread with some meat, hummus is great on its own and typically 100% vegetarian.

    2. Hummus with Couscous: Couscous is a small pasta that is often eaten as a side dish. It comes from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, and it is often cooked with curry and other spices. Couscous is easy to make: just add it to boiling water, let it sit away from the heat for about five minutes, and it’s done. Hummus can be eaten on top of the couscous or on the side to balance out the meal.

    3. Hummus with Falafel: Falafels are another type of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. They are also made with chickpeas, only they are rolled up into a ball and fried instead. Falafels can be eaten on their own or in a pita, and hummus is a good addition to this meal as a side dish or with the falafels themselves.

    4. Hummus Dips: Finally, hummus can also be eaten as a snack. You can cut up some pitas or eat it with vegetables or crackers and use the hummus as a dip. Store bought hummus can range from roasted garlic to spicy hummus dips. Hummus dips are an excellent choice for parties, but they also work as a snack between meals at home, too.

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