South Florida Gelato Truck Plans Franchises in the United Arab Emirates


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Thanks to the rise of the smartphone and other devices, it could be said that modern consumers are more interested than ever in products and services that allow them to live their lives on the go. As a result, some of the most successful business ideas at work today are convenient, fast and ready to move. Take mobile coffee shop franchises, for example: these coffee vans can travel to different locations as necessary, attracting customers looking to take a quick break or buy an espresso to get them through the day. By deciding against traditional brick-and-mortar stores, mobile coffee shop franchises and other portable businesses can better meet the habits of their customers and profit accordingly. Such was the case for HipPOPs, a business that sells homemade gelato bars out of a mobile truck in Florida: the company recently signed a deal that will allow them to expand overseas.

On Tuesday, February 17, HipPOPs announced that they had signed an international deal with the Food Truck Co. This deal will allow the Food Truck Co. to be the famous gelato truck’s exclusive franchisee in the United Arab Emirates. The Food Truck Co. plans to get as many as 20 trucks on the country’s roads over the course of the next five years. The first truck, as well as a 5,000 square foot micro-creamery, will likely open by Fall 2015.

While somewhat unusual, the deal is fairly representative of HipPops’ success: first launched in 2012, the company’s gelato truck sells all-natural, gluten-free, kosher frozen pops, which are made at a micro-creamery in Dania Beach, FL. Over the past several years, the venture has cultivated a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, and can now be found at numerous festivals, private celebrations and corporate events in the area. As food trucks are gaining popularity in the UAE, especially Dubai, this deal could be an extremely successful choice for both HipPOPs and the Food Truck Co. While moving to the Middle East to start a food truck is probably a bit extreme for most entrepreneurs, it will likely make you wonder: will going mobile help me succeed?

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