Microgreens and Edible Flowers Changing the Face of Upscale Dining


Edible candy flower

Thousands of Americans are choosing to spend their off-hours in search of a superior dining experience: high-quality, often locally-sourced food that is delivered in a calm, upscale atmosphere is seen as being worth the investment. With an average cost per person of almost $30, fine dining often incorporates microgreens, edible flowers, and delicious, local meats.

Microgreens are rated by their visual attractiveness, and fine dining establishments will only use the best. Edible flowers are increasingly being used to create new flavors for soups, breads, and desserts. Many gardeners figure that they already know how to grow microgreens and edible flowers, but when they have lunch or dinner at a fine dining establishment, they encounter a new degree of visual perfection.

Restaurants with four or five stars pull in over 10% of the total American restaurant market: many customers cite a rotating menu as a major draw. Many chefs in upscale restaurants and hotels will produce a seasonal menu that makes use of locally-sourced meats and greens. Patrons who go to a specific restaurant in July may be treated to a completely different menu in the wintertime.

Upscale chefs often have many years of experience and know how to provide quality meals as well as a relaxing, luxurious ambiance to customers, any day of the week. They may know how to grow microgreens and which dishes work best for the delicious greens, what to feed an animal to make it tastier on the plate, and how to arrange edible flowers for maximum elegance and beauty.

Patrons of upscale restaurants are spreading the word on the internet: pictures of delicious food often makes friends and family wonder when reservations will next be available. Culinary enthusiasts who are adventurous and who are willing to expand their palates will continue to drive sales at top-performing restaurants.

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