Good Sushi Restaurants Easy to Find Across the United States, Increasingly Popular


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There are over 3,800 good sushi restaurants across the country and, due to the skill of master sushi chefs, sushi continues to grow in popularity. In a thriving, $2 billion-per-year seafood industry, the low-calorie rice and fish bites wrapped in edible seaweed are rapidly becoming indispensable to the economy and as American as pizza and apple pie.

Originally from Japan, sushi spread throughout Asia and much of Europe before being imported to America. In the 1970s, sushi restaurants opened in California to serve the large Japanese immigrant population, and it was not long before good sushi restaurants were being opened in every major American city.

Sushi chefs are made to undergo many years of training, and are always sure to sharpen their knives daily. Apprentices may train for years before being allowed to handle a knife. Extensive training in the appraisal of fish is mandatory: sushi fish is held to a higher standard.

In the last decade, sushi intake among Americans has risen by about 40%, possibly more. Many teenagers have discovered sushi — like coffee, it’s considered a sophisticated choice for the high school set — and many adults like to relax at their local sushi restaurant after work, enjoying the banter of the chefs, the restaurant cuisine, and restaurant entertainment.

The word “sushi” actually describes the proprietary blend of rice and vinegar that each sushi restaurant uses. The fish used in sushi must be of the highest quality, and certain kinds of seafood are highly prized by sushi chefs, including blue fin tuna and certain types of octopus and shark.

Fine sushi restaurants
often offer food and entertainment and are pleased to offer top cuisine. Master sushi chefs can often present seafood appetizers for larger crowds, asking customers to phone ahead if the party will be a large one. For top cuisine in a unique restaurant environment, many Americans continue to choose sushi.

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