How Custom Cups Benefit Your Ice Cream Business



Do you own an ice cream or frozen yogurt business? According to research, 40% of Americans eat ice cream in any given two week period and an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt stores, so you could say these desserts are popular with the masses. If you’re using plain run of the mill paper cups to serve your ice cream you should know that you can get customize them with your business name and logo to build your brand. You could benefit considerably from customizing your ice cream cups and other dessert supplies, maybe even switching to colored spoons instead of clear or white so that you stand out from competitors.

How does this benefit your business?

Since June is the month in which the most ice cream is produced having everything set before this peak time could really get your name out there. Imagine people walking around eating cold ice cream or frozen yogurt on a hot day with your brand on the ice cream cups. This will make folks want some of their own to enjoy and as a result, your product is being marketed for you, by your customers. Adding a unique tagline to your brand is a good way to make your mark in the minds of consumers, by making customers much more likely to remember your business.

By creating a relate-able identity you will be allowing people to put an image to a name since, psychologically speaking, humans are very visual creatures. Especially in today’s society, where advertising is around every corner and on every product, you could be taking the initiative to get ahead of competitors and boost sales by slapping your company name, logo and/or tagline on the container that holds your product.

In addition to the benefits stated above, using cups and spoons that have been customized to your business appears more professional to customers, as opposed to basic or plain paper cups and plastic spoons. You will basically be legitimizing your business in the minds of consumers, marketing your product, and promoting brand recognition. Making the decision to customize your product with your very own brand could be an investment that will pay back in on itself as you grow your business.

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