We All Know Gelato Tastes Great But It Can Be Good for You



Most of us know gelato and ice cream as yummy treats we enjoy for dessert but now a new formula has been developed to make it healthy. If that is not a reason to grab yourself a plastic tasting spoon, what is?

The Independentandnbsp;is reporting that Dr. Valerio Sanguigni has developed a new kind of the frozen treat that he claims will extend people’s lifespans and can help them be faster runners. The cardiologist and gelato fan works at the University of Rome Tor Vegata. He has patented his new formula and published his findings in the scientific journal, Nutrition. His new formula for Italian ice cream is packed with heart healthy antioxidants.

While Sanguigni has not released his exact recipe, he has admitted that the new gelato formula includes green tea, hazelnut and cocoa powder extracts. These have all been linked to improved heart heath and the prevention of a host of diseases and conditions. Studies on people who ate the heart heathy ice cream showed documented improvements in their athletic performance.

Students, at the University of Rome Tor Vegata, were given the ice cream to eat. Researchers took samples of their blood both before and after they consumed it. They were also tested on stationary bikes to measure their performance both before and after eating some of Sanguigni’s ice cream. The placebo that was used as a control was basic, chocolate ice cream. They were all given more than you would get with plastic tasting spoons so you will have to eat up if you get some of it.

The research did show that their cardiovascular function was better in the people who had eaten the new, healthy ice cream. Students who ate the regular chocolate ice cream did not have the same performance improvements. Sanguigni noted:

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate that a natural ice cream rich in polyphenols acutely improved vascular function and physical performance in healthy individuals through a reduction in oxidative stress.

“There is talk of red berries, pomegranates, goji berries (having antioxidant properties). But I found that many foods from farm to our table, they lose their properties. The foods that best preserve these substances are precisely dried fruit, cocoa beans and green tea, especially at low, controlled temperatures. Who says that health foods have to taste bad?”

Sanguigni said that he got the idea to make a gelato that could be good for you from the fact that the antioxidant properties in foods are best preserved when the foods are kept at lower temperatures. If these findings can be replicated and confirmed, gelato will join a variety of other Italian foods that have these healthy antioxidant properties.

This is good news for people across the planet who love the taste of ice cream and gelato. It will be welcomed wholeheartedly in the United States, where an estimated 90% of all households are said to regularly indulge in frozen desserts. The NPD Group, Inc., a market research company, has estimated that at least 40% of all Americans will have ice cream in any two week period of time. The typical resident of the country eats ice cream about 28.5 times every year. A full 9% of all of the milk produced around the country is used to make ice cream.

Although it is richer tasting than ice cream, gelato actually has less fat. Ice cream has at least 7% far and 50% air due to the churning process. Gelato, on the other hand, can have a fat content as low as 3% and has only between 25 and 30% air. This has to be a great reason to head over to the local gelato shop, ask for some plastic tasting spoons and try a few different flavors. It is always interesting to get some plastic tasting spoons and experience the difference between ice cream and gelato. Because it has less air, the flavors of gelato are more intense and robust. From chocolate to strawberry or pistachio, eating gelato is a wonderful taste experience.

There is no word yet on when this healthy gelato will be commercially available but when it does hit the shelves, consumers will be happy.


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