Pairing Your Craft Beers With the Right Food Choices


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Craft beers seem to be the trendy bar drink right now. New craft beers are constantly being introduced, each claiming to be the season?s best. Choosing a restaurant often includes some type of discussion around the types of craft beers that are offered. Even local night clubs and bars are jumping on the craft beer trend, offering happy hour and late night specials on new craft beers. If you are new to the craft beer trend, it is time that you finally cracked one open and tasted the sweet flavor of everything local and American made.

Big name craft beers

There are a few craft beers that have gained such wide popularity that they are featured in almost every bar that serves craft beers. Tasting these widely known flavors is a great start to your beer journey. These are also the beers that you can always fall back on when choosing a restaurant that does not yet carry your new favorite craft beer. A lot of the big name beers are created and designed by well known local breweries. If you live in the state of a well known brewery, you may even be able to visit it for the purest taste yet.

Food pairings

One of the greatest things about American craft beers is that they each have a distinct flavor, meaning that they pair with specific foods. When choosing a restaurant based on food, ensure that you also choose a beer that pairs nicely with it. Some restaurants have recommendations or servers can provide pairing referrals. A 2009 report indicated that 75% of burger lovers rank the quality of meat as the first or second most important attribute to their burger. Today, people also rank the quality of beer that should be paired with the quality of the burger they are eating.

Unique craft beers

Not all good craft beers are made by the big named companies. In fact, some of the best ones are from local suppliers. This beer may only be available in your home state, or even be as small as your city. However, this does not reduce its quality at all. Choosing a restaurant can be as simple as finding one that offers extremely local craft beers, giving you the ability to expand your taste buds. Discovery of new beers is popular with 93% of imported beer drinkers, 88% of domestic fans, and 84% of craft beer consumers. Travel to different small town cities to really expand your beer options.

Beer ingredients

The great thing about craft beers is that they contain flavors that were once not used in beer. Old school imported and domestic beer drinkers have minimal options in flavor. The differences in flavor were contributed simply to the amount of wheat or barley that was used in the supply. Craft beers, however, add in flavors of berries, caramel, and other alcohol. The beers may be customized to target certain flavor preferred individuals. They may also be designed for specific seasons, with winter beers containing heavier ingredients and summer having a lighter and fruiter taste to it.

Event space rentals

With American craft beer being so popular in today?s times, it is important to cater to this new type of beer drinker. When planning an event or renting out an event space, you will want to choose a venue that offers multiple drinking options, including alcohol, wine, domestic beers, imported beers, and now, craft beers. Your guests will appreciate the inclusion and are likely to enjoy the event even more.

The craft beer market is worth $19.6 billion. It continues to increase as new craft beers are introduced. Consumers enjoy the increased options in flavors of beers. They also enjoy pairing it with their food choices. New craft beer drinkers should begin with some of the most popular craft beer choices, followed by more local options. Crafts beers also come in many flavors and types, making it the perfect alcoholic choice for catered events and for even the pickiest of drinkers.

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