There Are So Many Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee


Small paper cups with lids

Americans love drinking their coffee. For so many around the country, doesn’t matter if their coffee comes in cheap coffee mugs, cheap paper cups, or one of those refillable jugs you can buy at your local convenient store.

According to recent statistics, Americans drink roughly 1.64 cups of coffee every day. There might be a cup at home in the morning when trying to get the day started. There probably is a second cup at work. Then there might be one later in the afternoon, maybe at dinner. Coffee has become the kind of consistent pick-me-up we have grown to count on as a society. Our lives sometimes revolve around it.

The average coffee cup size is about 9 ounces. This, of course, can completely change, depending on where you go for your cup of joe. Many people feel that the experience of their coffee is as important, if not more important, as the coffee itself. Some people need to feel the cardboard paper of the white paper cup that holds the coffee from the local coffee shop.

Other people love the cheap coffee mugs that they take into the convenient store and fill up for a discounted price every day on the way to work. Whatever the case might be, there is never one correct way to enjoy your coffee. Neither cheap coffee mugs nor fancy paper cups will do much to alter the flavor of your favorite blend or brand.

The thing to keep in mind whether it be with coffee or anything in life is that everyone is different. Some people can drink a great deal of coffee and not have it affect them adversely while others need to pace themselves. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently looked at whether or not coffee presented any health risks. They did not find that moderate coffee consumption, which they defined as three to five eight-ounce cups per day, had any adverse effects on people, in general, in the long term.

The different types of coffee can make a difference regarding the way they can make you feel. For people who have their inexpensive coffee in their cheap coffee mugs at home, the coffee that they drink may not even seem to affect them. But, if they have a single cup of a specialty coffee every once in a while, they might feel that kick just a little bit more. Specialty coffees represent a little more than a third of the coffee cups drunk in the United States, and they are the highest quality standards in the world. Sometimes, the better the quality, the nicer the kick.

If you ask people how they like to take their coffee, you will likely get almost as many different answers as you got people to give them to you. People love to take their coffee and add things to it to make it sweeter, like sugar or milk. Many people like it black but a little sweet or a lot sweet. The combinations a many.

What cannot be denied is how Americans have had, and continue to have, an amazing love affair with coffee. We will drink it extra hot and we will drink it over ice. You can use your thermos or a styrofoam cup. No matter how you take it, enjoy.

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