Learn the Benefits of Custom Ice Cream Cups



Research has shown that in any given two-week period, over forty percent of Americans will eat ice cream. The average American actually eats ice cream an average of 28.5 times each year. ninety percent of households regularly eat ice cream.

The research shows the extend to which Americans love their ice cream, and there are a wide range of options available. Consumers can choose from a vast array of flavors and combinations in the store’s freezer aisle. Then you add on the assortment of frozen treats specialty shops offering everything from frozen yogurt to custom flavors.

The ice cream craze has been a live and well in the United States for generations and it just continues to grow as more people show their love for ice cream with their children and grandchildren.

As an ice cream store or specialty frozen treat shop, you really have to work to make yourself stand out. Even if your product is amazing, you need to entice people to give it a try. One way to accomplish this is through branding.

Branding carries over through the advertising, the signage, and every product used in the store including the ice cream cups, tasting spoon, gelato cups, napkins, and more. Custom ice cream cups are just one of the many things you can do to increase your branding. Making sure all your ice cream cups have your store name and logo and all our paper products are color coordinated will increase the overall brand awareness.

Custom ice cream cups also provide the customer with something to walk away with that has your name on it. They buy ice cream and take it to go; that cup will stay with them all the way home. The longer they hang on to the cup, the longer they are carrying around your name and logo. This also allows other people to see it as they oggle your frozen treat.

When it comes to branding, you have to focus on the big picture. How many different ways can you get your name and logo in front of other people. Sponsoring events, advertising, social media, and creative marketing are all ways to get your name out there. You want to make sure people see your name frequently. The more they see your name the more they will think of you first when planning to get ice cream.

Large national companies understand the idea of branding more than most. They see the value of investing in large marketing campaigns because they understand that the more people see them, the more they will become a household name.

Custom ice cream cups may seem like a small detail or an unneeded expense, but it is the details that build a brand.

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