Think You Know Tacos And Burritos? Here Are The Top Signs You Have Never Had Real Mexican Food


There are certain types of cuisine that never seem to get old. While you can grow bored of pizza or Chinese takeout too many times per week, the best Mexican food remains a zesty experience no matter how many times you indulge.

Got some doubts? Then you might just be displaying the telltale signs you have never had real Mexican food. While Mexican food chains can scratch an itch when you’re low on options, authentic Mexican cuisine is a careful balance between delicious and nutritious. It’s perfect for those that want to shave off a few pounds while still indulging in a flavorful meal. It’s a fun and tasty option for catering events and family gatherings. Learning how to spot authentic Mexican food will be one of the best ideas you’ve ever had when it comes to eating right.

Here are five signs you have never had real Mexican food.

You Think Ketchup Is The Most Popular Condiment

We all like to add a topping to our meals. It takes away that frustrating dryness and gives us an extra pop of flavor. If you think ketchup, mustard or relish are the most popular condiments in the United States, it’s time to take a step back. Salsa has been deemed the number one condiment across the nation, surpassing ketchup and mayonnaise as the go-to option for families. Not only does it come in mild and spicy varieties, it’s incredibly healthy and provides a hearty serving of vegetables and fruits.

You Think Mexican Food Is Unhealthy

One of the common signs you have never had real Mexican food is the misconception that it’s unhealthy. Quite the opposite! Authentic Mexican cuisine utilizes all the major food groups, whether it’s a soft chicken taco or a tasty vegetarian tamale. Mexico itself is in the top four ‘megabiodiverse’ countries around the world, with as much as 70% of the planet’s diversity located in this country alone. Your handmade burritos, beef enchiladas and nacho dips will all provide you the vitamins and minerals you need to live your best…while tasting delicious all the while.

You Think Mexican Food Is A New Creation

Every form of cultural cuisine has a long and studious history. Mexican food is no different. It’s believed by most historians that Mexican cuisine is derived from what the Mayan Indians prepared over 2,000 years ago. Even a glance at the sauces can tell you a lot about the location and culture they came from. The seven moles (or sauces) of Oaxaca include rojo (red mole), negro (black or chocolate mole) and Coloradito (brown mole). You also have amarillo, verde, chichilo and manchamantel. Even the term enchilada was first referenced back in 1885!

You Think Mexican Food Is Just Burritos

While a good burrito can be a hearty and fulfilling lunch, Mexican cuisine is just as varied as its home country. The best Mexican food in Miami can be found in local catering services or downtown food trucks. A fast casual restaurant can offer homemade corn tortillas and spicy guacamole dip. You can even try some local varieties like Tex-Mex. The invention of Tex-Mex originated in the 1940’s as a fusion between Texas and Mexico, blending both locations into a unique mixture that has to be eaten to be believed.

You Think Catering Options Have To Be Over-The-Top

Did you know one out of every 10 restaurants in the country sell Mexican food? That should give you some idea as to your options next time you have to invest in a little catering. While catering services can have a reputation as being a fancy option, they can also combine the best in fast casual dining. Mexican catering is a great way to save on some stress and provide your guests with a delicious meal, from do-it-yourself taco stations to hot enchiladas straight off the grill. Today Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food segment in the country, beating out even home staples like Italian and Japanese.

Now that you know the signs you have never had real Mexican food…what delicious excursions await you in 2018?

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