From Tea To Coffee Behind America’s Love For Caffeinated Drinks


From tea to coffee, caffeinated drinks are widely popular all throughout the United States. In fact, half of the population of adults in this country drink coffee on a daily basis, with the average person consuming just over three cups on a daily basis. In addition to this, tea is another highly popular beverage, so much so that more than half of the adult population has a cup of tea at least once throughout the day, if not even more frequently than that. Of course, some people will have both tea and coffee, loving each for its own benefits that it provides.

Nowadays, coffee and tea come in more flavors and varieties than ever before. From the coffee roaster to black tea to herbal tea and different types of coffee beans, there are many ways to enjoy a hot drink. The average coffee roaster even allows you to make your own freshly brewed coffee right in your very own home, making the purchase of a coffee roaster – especially a high quality coffee roaster – nothing less than an investment for the future, one that is likely to save you a good deal of money in the long run, to be sure.

And a coffee roaster and tea preparation tools can actually be an investment for your health as well, as drinking both tea and coffee products have a number of health benefits, whether you’re drinking your coffee black or various types of teas with the works. For instance, drinking tea is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day without consuming a number of other detrimental things, as it is a beverage (unless you put additions in it) that are free from fat, carbonation, as well as sugar. Many types of tea are even free from caffeine, providing the just about perfect beverage for everyone who is sensitive to all of the above. Of course, hydration is incredibly important to overall health, and tea provides an interesting and healthful way to maintain that critical fluid balance, providing a great alternative to merely drinking water, which can all too easily become boring and more of a chore than it is a pleasure.

Tea is also an incredibly versatile product, consumed not just here in the United States but all throughout the entire world with a huge history behind it. And tea can also be consumed in many different ways. Of course it can be consumed hot, but iced tea is also hugely popular, even more so than hot tea. In fact, iced tea makes up the vast majority of tea consumed here in the United States – up to 80% of it. But while iced tea can be truly just as healthful and good for you and regular hot tea, it’s important to avoid sweet teas if you’re drinking tea for its health benefits, as sweet tea often contains a truly staggering amount of sugar that is better to avoid for just about everyone, especially here in the United States where obesity has become a real problem and sugar consumption a real and definable part of that.

Aside from tea, coffee such as the coffee you can make with a coffee roaster also has a number of benefits for your mental wellbeing and your overall physical health alike. For instance, the caffeine found in coffee can make is so much easier to concentrate on a regular basis, with nearly half of all employees here in the United States stating that they rely on having coffee, at least one cup of it, to get them through the work day. And coffee can have even more pronounced benefits than that, with research going so far as to find that coffee can actually reduce your risk for certain disease like heart disease and even stroke, all while improving your overall cognitive ability and retention skills.

From the coffee roaster to the coffee shop, there are many ways to consume coffee and tea here in the United States, no matter what part of the country it is that you live in. But no matter how you consume it, the benefits of tea and coffee are many.

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