Organic Bee Pollen Continues to Grow in Popularity


Your oldest daughter is finally home! Your husband and daughter left yesterday and drove through the night to surprise you. It was a couple of days after Mother’s Day, but the surprise was just as sweet. They arrived just in time so that you could visit with her a little bit before you had to go into work this morning, You are now hoping that this school day goes quickly!

As children get older and head off to college campuses across the country, the times that families get to spend together can be fleeting. For this reason there are a number of families who carve out time in the summer to make sure that they travel together for family vacation time. From camp sites to amusement parks, there are many options for families who are trying to find a way to spend time together. For many families, the place does not matter as much as the time. The fact that you can carve out time to spend together, whether it be camping or riding on amusement rides, is what really matters.
When your older daughter comes home from college, however, you really have to step up the approach that you take to the food that you serve your family. For instance, while you may be more than happy to add refined sugar to your coffee and spread any kind of jam or jelly on your morning toast, she is a little more particular. She wants raw organic honey in her tea and pure organic royal jelly on her whole wheat toast.

The Benefits of Raw Honey Play an Important Role in Many People’s Diets

Did you know that bee pollen, usually food for young honey bees, is about 40% protein and is rich in amino acids? As scientists and researchers continue to find ways that they can improve the foods that we eat it should come as no surprise that more and more people are drawn to pure organic royal jelly and other natural products. On average, a honey bee will produce one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, so it is no wonder that there are so many people concerned about the population of these nectar producing, flower pollinating insects.

Whether you are getting ready to step up your meal planning game when a daughter is returning home from college or you are looking for a way to make sure that you are eating a more healthy and natural diet, starting with organic honey and pure organic royal jelly is a great option.

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