Learn How To Pour Your Wine Without Accidents


Within one year alone, roughly 2.94 gallons of wine can be consumed by a single person. That makes for 949 million gallons of wine being consumed within the United States in a single year. When the numbers are put this way, it may seem like a large amount of wine. From all of this wine that is poured, did you know that many individuals do not know how to pour wine without dripping remnants of it and making a mess? If you’ve had trouble with how to pour wine perfectly, then perhaps it is time to take a moment to learn the skill of getting those wines into the glass without chaos.

Before you get ready to pour from that bottle, it is always important to have a napkin or something else handy in order to clean up a spill that may occur. No one wants to have to use and stain their sleeve while trying to act smooth and clean up a mess that they may have made. Don’t forget folks, red wines stain and if you end up with that all over you there will be no hiding the fact that a pour didn’t go as well as you’d intended for it too. Be prepared just in case matters go south by having a napkin to clean up any leakage in the event that that does in fact happen and leave you scrambling.

Next and very importantly, as any of the wineries will teach you, never fill a glass more than it should be filled. Wine should never be consumed as though it is water. Instead, between five and six ounces of wine into the glass should be where you fill your cups too. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a long-stemmed glass or a short-stemmed glass, your pour should always be the same amount. Don’t overfill your wine glass, if you or your guests are looking for more wine later on than another glass can be poured, but there is never a reason to fill a glass to the brim with wine. If you’re ready to be an expert in how to pour wine without dripping than be sure you know the portion of wine as well.

Now you already know that you wouldn’t just tip the bottle upside down and pour straight down. You should know, that pouring your bottle on an angle is the correct way to go. So that you avoid spills and drips and you also distribute it evenly into the glass. Here’s a key that many individuals do not know, if you rotate the bottle away from you very slowly as you pour you end up with a nice and steady stream into your cup, without all of the splashing or spillage. Do not pour too fast, allow for the liquid to drain into your glass nice and slowly instead of all at once. This will make it so that you avoid any cast offs that may splash around your area.

If you’ve been wondering for a while how to pour wine without dripping and haven’t been able to figure it out, then these are the steps for you to take, no matter if it is a pinot noir or a or a white wine, be sure that you always take your time and do your best with your pour. Your wine drinker will be happy to have the clean glass and you won’t have to scramble for a napkin as often as you may have been doing before.

If you have to practice that is okay too, practice makes perfect. Just don’t try doing it after you’ve had a couple of glasses yourself, that may not make for the easiest learning experience. Learning how to pour wine without dripping can be a fun and useful skill depending on who you are and what your drinking preferences are.

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