How to Make the Best Seafood Dish for a Party


Seafood is light, refreshing, and tasty. This video shows you how to make a delicious clam dish in less than 10 minutes. Among the many ingredients you will need are Spanish beans, sherry, and focaccia bread.

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Start with Garlic

You should start preparing the clams first. Be sure to wash them thoroughly. The cleaner the clams, the better the meal. As you watch the video, be sure you pay close attention to how the garlic is cooked. You want to salt it lightly and fry it until it starts to color. Once this happens, put the clams in and the lid on the pan. Let these ingredients steam.

Bring Out the Flavor

As this happens, slice the focaccia bread and drizzle the pieces with olive oil. Add salt and pepper and put them on the grill. Add a dash of sherry to the clams. After a few minutes, add the beans, shredded lemon, sliced parsley, olive oil, and then squeeze the juice from the lemon.

Mind the Time

Follow the video to complete the meal. Another thing to note is cooking time. As Gordon Ramsay says, the quicker you cook the clams, the juicier they will be. If they are on the fire for more than seven minutes, they will begin to turn rubbery.


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