What Meals You Should Make Your Child When Sending Them to a Miami Summer Camp


Are you sending your child to Miami summer camp? Remember, your child’s good health and nutrition are vital. According to the US Department of Agriculture, parents need to find tools and tips for healthy meals, such as the power snacks ideas by CBS 17. We love our kids, and keeping them healthy during Miami summer camp should be a priority.

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Here’s how.

Breadstick With Turkey and Mustard

If anyone intends to prepare a breadstick delicacy, they need to roll a thin slice of deli turkey (with mustard) on a breadstick, making it look like an inside-out sandwich. It’s an excellent delicacy for kids while in the Miami summer camp.

Ants On a Log

This delicacy has celery that’s rich in fiber and adds a good crunch to the meal. Peanut butter with raisins adds iron, protein, and monounsaturated fatty acids are healthy for kids. Using low-fat cream cheese also proves beneficial. Below are more great choices.

  • Stuffed Pita -Boasts nutrients such as calcium and fiber.
  • Granola Bar and Low-Fat Greek Yoghurt -Good distribution of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
  • Carrots &Tomatoes With Greek Yoghurt
  • Pretzel Kabobs – Layering stick pretzels with grapes and Colby cheese make a nutritious pretzel kabob, high in protein, complex carbs, and fiber.


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