The Best Ways to Drink Coffee


Today, coffee ranks among the likes of plain water, tea, wine, and beer as one of the world’s favorite beverages, being especially popular in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Although not cultivated there, coffee is extremely popular in the United States, and in fact the U.S. is the world’s single biggest consumer and importer of coffee. In 2014, for example, the United States imported some 27.5 million bags of coffee, which was 25% of the entire world’s un-roasted imports. Modern Americans have all sorts of ways to enjoy this beverage, both at home and on the go. Making coffee at home is a different topic in its own, though, and not all Americans even own a coffee grinder or mugs. Instead, these drinkers may make use of white paper cups for their coffee, complete with plastic lids, cardboard sleeves to protect the hands from heat, and more. There’s a whole world of coffee out there, from accessories like white disposable coffee cups to cream.

Coffee and Its Drinkers

As mentioned above, coffee is hugely popular in the United States today, and it’s included in the record-keeping of what Americans like to eat and drink. Some recent statistics show that among all Americans, the average person drinks 1.64 cups of coffee per day, and among dedicated drinkers, this average is closer to 3.1 or so. Fully half of all Americans aged 18 and over, around 150 million people, drink coffee regularly, and at least 30% of all Americans drink it occasionally. Most often, Americans are drinking coffee during breakfast hours, accounting for around 65% of all coffee consumed. After all, coffee’s caffeine makes it a stimulant, ideal for making someone alert and productive in the morning time. Only 30% is consumed with other meals during the day, and just 5% is consumed in between meals.

What is more, coffee has some health benefits to offer, too. Studies show that consuming it makes a person more productive at work (a common reason to drink it), and consuming coffee regularly lowers a person’s chances of developing dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Around 35% of Americans like to drink their coffee plain, or “black,” while 65% or so like to add ingredients for flavor. Sugar and cream are popular for this, but honey and cinnamon may also prove to be popular. A person may get their coffee to go in white disposable coffee cups if they visit a coffee shop on the way to work, and they can use white disposable coffee cups at work, too. Is this the best idea for coffee drinking?

Getting Coffee on the Go

Many people drink their own home-brewed coffee at home, but others either don’t have the time or interest in that and instead visit coffee shops on their way to work or college in the morning hours. These commuters may appreciate the fast pace of a coffee shop and get their drink in white disposable coffee cups, and these white disposable coffee cups are leak-resistant and come with a spill-proof plastic lid. That lid may help trap the heat of the drink and also have a narrow opening for drinking, and narrow straws may be inserted as well. These spill-resistant containers can be taken into subways, taxis, or buses without causing a mess, and they can be disposed of later in a trash can.

What about the office? Many employees today may want a fine cup of coffee at work, and they might not get the chance to leave the office and visit local coffee shops. Instead, they can bring the coffee shop to them, in a sense. Most work places have a break room, and in there may be a coffee maker. Co-workers can share the duty of buying new coffee beans and bags of grounds, and brew fresh pots throughout the day. Courtesy calls for anyone to make a fresh pot when they find an empty one, rather than have a rotating schedule and wait for some other person to take care of it. Co-workers may buy white disposable coffee cups for office coffee drinking, along with sugar packets, cream containers, cinnamon, and anything else desired such as wooden stir spoons. Employees should also take care to clean up any spills or messes.

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