Best Wines for Spring


Springtime is here and although you may still be sipping on red wine from winter time, it is now time to sip on a little bit of spring wine. If you are wondering what the best spring wines are, we have you covered. You can find these wines in an online wine shop.


If you are craving a dry wine, try Chardonnay. This spring wine is said to be the best crowd pleaser of white wines. Most of the time, you will taste tropical fruit or apple but sometimes there might be oak in it which gives a nice vanilla flavor as well as an earthy aroma.

The best dishes to serve Chardonnay with are the creamy, or buttery dishes. An example of the best dishes to pair it with include pasta, shellfish, and risotto. Just don’t serve it too cold because the temperature of it affects the way it tastes. It tastes best when you take it out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before serving it.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is known as the Goldilocks of red cheap wine online. It is not too sweet or too dry so it is just right and perfect for springtime. This wine has high acidity. You will have best results pairing it with chicken, salmon, lamb, and pork. Although Pinot Noir doesn’t need to be cold to taste good, it is still best to keep it in a refrigerator or a wine cellar to keep it chilled.


Prosecco wine can also be found in an online wine shop and can come in both dry and sweet flavors. These wines typically have aromas of spring flowers and citrus fruits. Prosecco goes best with appetizers, mushrooms, soft cheeses, and much more. Everyone loves Prosecco!


Riseling is a truly unique wine. It is sometimes sweet. However, it is still an easy wine to drink and easy to enjoy. Every type of Reisling has high acidity and a strong aroma. This wine goes great with grilled meat and fish dishes and heavily spiced Thai and Indian food dishes. However, because it is so versatile, it can be paired with any type of food and still taste great. Make sure to shop at the online wine shop for this great wine.


Although this wine is a dry wine, it is also sweet and refreshing. That is what makes it so perfect for spring. With this wine, you will usually taste red berries, citrus, and flower flavors. Because Rose wine is so adaptable, it goes great paired with just about any food you can imagine. When having a backyard barbecue, Rose wine wins for greatest springtime wine because of its sweet flavor. It also goes great with smoky and spicy food. Make sure to always chill it before serving.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a favorite all throughout the country. And, no wonder when it is so common for everyday drinking. It tastes like citrus and grass and smells like herbs and spices. Think jalapenos and basil.

This wine goes great with soft cheeses, seafood, and salads, as well as other dishes because it goes with anything so beautiful. It is a juicer wine that tastes better served chilled.


This wine may be served mostly in the winter, it can also be enjoyed in the spring and even the summer time. Its taste and smell are just as powerful in the spring and summer seasons. It comes with plum and dark berry flavors. It also has the aromas of flowers and peppery spice. Because of these qualities, it pairs great with barbecues, burgers, and more bold foods.

These wines might be expensive, but you can find them cheaper by purchasing them from online wine sellers. Online might be best to purchase them because online wine sales are cheap. It is easy to shop for wine online.

Did you know, there are more than 7,700 wineries all across the country? There is an estimated 65 percent of people who are over 55 who drink wine, beer, and liquor. Not only do older people enjoy wine, but around 73 percent of millennials drink wine, liquor, and beer as well.

You can find all of these wines on an online wine shop cheaper than anywhere else.

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