Behind The Growth Of The Coffee Industry


If you’re a coffee drinker here in the United States, you are certainly far from being alone. As a matter of fact, more than half of the adult population of this country consumes coffee at least once a day each and every day. And for the average coffee drinker, it is not uncommon to have just over three cups of coffee in this very same span of time. Therefore, coffee consumption is a hugely important thing here in the United States, and is evening something that can be considered a big aspect of identity to a great many people.

And there are certainly all kinds of coffee to choose from. While more and more people are choosing to make their coffee at home (with more than 85% of coffee drinkers having at least one cup of coffee at home), coffee shops are still very much thriving. After all, a full half of the population will drink specialty coffee drinks such as iced coffee, lattes, espressos and more – all of which can be found with ease at a local coffee shop. While theoretically one could by the equipment and learn how to make such drinks at home, many people find that the charge of a latte is well worth having it professionally made for them, both in terms of taste as well as when considering overall convenience too. So it’s no surprise that independent coffee shops found all throughout the country have been able to garner up to $12 billion in total sales all throughout the course of just one year.

Independent coffee shops also typically offer more than just coffee and coffee alone. For one thing, many an independent coffee shop will offer an array of food items as well. Bakery items are quite popular, and are food selections that many people actually already associate with beverages such as coffee and tea. Soup is another menu item that is becoming more and more popular, and more and more frequently offered at coffee shops throughout the country. After all, up to 10 billion different bowls of soup are eaten by people all throughout the United States on a yearly basis, with women eating up to twice as many of these bowls of soup as men do. In addition to soup, offerings that range from sandwiches to salads are often typically available.

Many a coffee shop provides a hugely inviting interior as well. Many will include free wifi access, making it easier than ever to get work done while enjoying a hot drink. Settling down in a coffee shop to work can provide a welcome change of scenery, particularly for those who work from home and might be tired of sitting at home all day while trying to get work done. As the population of remote workers is one that is very much on the rise, this is something of a considerable importance to keep in mind.

Of course, in order for any coffee shop to function well, having all of the right supplies on hand – and an abundance of them, for that matter – will be essential to successfully running your coffee shop. These supplies will come in many different varieties, from white paper cups to stir sticks. White paper cups will of course be particularly important, as the use of white paper cups will allow people to take their coffee on the go. White paper cups are essential in this way, as the vast majority of people are likely only stopping in to get a cup of coffee or other such beverage on the way to work or on a lunch break. A lack of white paper cups or other such white disposable coffee cups would make this something of an impossibility, to be certain.

In addition to things like white paper cups, the average soup container and other meal packagings will also matter quite a bit. After all, many people will again be primarily looking for a service that they can get to go, trying to fit a drink and a small meal or snack into an otherwise very busy day indeed. At the end of the day, proper packaging facilitates this.

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