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Wine stands as one of the most popular beverages in the entire world, alongside beer, coffee, tea, and plain water. Wine, made from fermented grapes, is most often associated with France and Italy, which combined are arguably the world’s wine center. Some brands and wineries in France and Italy are centuries old and have secure reputations, although the United States has emerged as the world’s third major wine nation. American wineries don’t have centuries of recognition like European ones, but American wines prove popular all the same, and the state of California in particular is home to 90% of American wineries. Other American states have their own wineries, though, and many Americans may be able to visit a local winery at their leisure. The best natural wines may be found at these wineries, and wine is a fine choice for wedding venues or a party or celebration. Many statistics are being kept to see who likes to drink wine and how much, may it be best natural wines, red wine, or white wine.

Wine Consumption Today

Many statistics are being kept to track what Americans like to eat and drink, and this includes wine, too. Back in 2015, USA Today determined that Millennials, or young adults born from 1982-1995, drank 42% of all wine consumed in the United States in that year. In that same year, Millennials alone consumed some 159.6 million cases of wine, and in fact Millennials consume more wine (and spend more on it) than any other generation, even more than their Baby Boomer parents. In 2016, broader statistics on wine consumption were gathered, and revealed that in taht year, some 949 million gallons of wine were consumed by drinkers of all ages. That averaged out to 2.94 gallons per person in that year. Americans may be drinking the best natural wines in their area, or popular brand names for both white and red wines. Women, in particular, are fond of wine, and in surveys they named it as their favorite alcoholic drink, beating even beer of the top spot. Americans may enjoy classic wines or the best natural wines for a birthday party, a celebration, New Year’s, and similar occasions. How might they find it? Can it be catered, and ordered online, too?

Getting That Wine

A popular way to buy wine is to visit a local winery, where a guest may take their pick from the many bottles available there and choose from the brands that winery offers. A wine enthusiast may enjoy a tour of the winery, and they may also visit the on-site shop, where they can find wine totes, corkscrews, and similar accessories. And if a person can’t find the brands or flavors that they like at a winery, or if they can’t easily visit a winery at all, they may try the Internet. Online catalogs are a fine way to locate your preferred brands and flavors of wine, and place an order.

When a person orders wine, a delivery truck may drop it off at a local warehouse, and crew members there may unload it and place all wine in a cooling unit on-site. This is because heat damages wine, and in warmer weather, wine would suffer if it sat in the truck’s hot cargo area. When the wine is stored on-site like this, the staff may alert all customers that their wine is ready. A customer may then visit the premises and pick up their order. And in other cases, it may work out for a delivery truck to deliver wine directly to the buyer’s residence. In this case, it is necessary for someone to be on-site to sign off for it.

A person may also order wine catering for a wedding, as wedding receptions are a popular and typical time for wine to be consumed. Many wedding receptions feature an open bar, including wine, and the bride or groom’s family may place an order for wine at the wedding. In some cases, a wedding planner may help with this. The actual types of wines offered will vary by personal taste, but some wedding parties may opt to order from local wineries and choose the best natural wines in their area for a more thematic drink that guests may like.

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