The Benefits Of Ordering Candy In Bulk (Sharing Optional)


Mint candy. There is something about this cool sweet treat that keeps us coming back to the candy bowl. Whether it’s the hankering for something sweet, or just an after dinner palate cleanser, mint candies are something millions of American’s just can’t get enough of. However, buying small bags on their own can add up over time, and there never is enough to last very long. This is where online candy shops come in handy.

Buying In Bulk

Whether you’re like me and just really enjoy mints, or you’re in the restaurant business and offer these candies to guests after dinner, buying candy mints in bulk is a must. For one thing, this option saves you money in the long run. Individual bags from the store aren’t priced to be bought en masse, and your wallet can feel the pain when you hit the register. Overall buying candy mints in bulk saves cash because it’s prices lower and by the ounce. This allows you to purchase several pounds for the price you would pay for only a couple bags at the store.


Purchasing in bulk from an online store gives you the option to shop from the comfort of your home, and not worry about lugging a bunch of candy home from the nearest store. While this does open itself up to interesting impulse buys at 3 am (of which I am guilty), for those shopping for large events, or businesses, it’s a time saving benefit.

Always On Hand

For restaurants in particular, those free mints can go fast. Ordering candy mints in bulk ensures that you always have some on hand. Since candy has a long shelf life as well, you won’t have to worry about ordering too much and having it go to waste.


Many candies come in a variety of shapes and colors, though these can be hard to find at a local store. An online candy store will be able to offer a wider variety, so that no matter what theme your event or restaurant is running with, you can find something for you.

Less Plastic

Buying multiple packages of candies from your local store leaves you with a lot of plastic waste. Ordering in bulk, from one location, ensures that you have one complete package, and a lot less waste. Helping the environment one bulk order at a time!

Buying In Bulk For Events

Some of the most common reasons people buy in bulk can include:

  • Candy Buffets. These make for great additions to weddings, birthday parties, and other get togethers. Buying candy in bulk allows you to easily fill up the buffet, without breaking the bank. It also gives you the option to choose from a wider variety of candies that guests will be sure to love (and smuggle home in their bags).
  • Party Favors. Instead of having guest filling their purses on their own from a buffet, bulk candies can also be used as great party favors. It’s a creative and delicious way to say, “Thanks for coming!”
  • Communal Candy Dish. Ordering candy mints in bulk can also be used to fill the obligatory office candy dish. Both clients and coworkers will love the gesture, and it also gives you easy access to some sweets during the work day. It’s a win win!
  • Stockpile. Sometimes you don’t need a special event to order in bulk, sometimes you just want to stock up on some sweets all for yourself! Now you never have to worry about running out of your favorites. And, if you want, you can even share with your family, though this step is optional.

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