New York Citys Best Burgers


New York City’s best burgers can be a little hard to narrow down with so many options. They are like a diamond in a hay pile of thousands of mediocre burgers. However, when you find them, there is no going back. These mouth-watering burgers are some of the best around. They will have you coming back time and time again.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn about some of New York City’s best burgers.

The first burger on the list comes from Clinton Hall. This burger has all the fixings. The bun itself is a sesame seed bun that is toasted to perfection in butter on the grill. This gives it that crispy and buttery taste. The patties are also grilled to perfection with a layer of cheese. Then, a layer of special sauce is put on the inside of the patties. This creates a rather large bite. However, it will be the best bite of burger that you have ever had. All the flavors mix together to create the ultimate combination of flavorful and savory. It is truly a wonder that more people don’t know about these wonderful burgers. Watch the video to learn about more of New York City’s best burgers.


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