Micro Greens and their Mega Coolness


What are microgreens

Ever heard of microgreens? Are you interested in expanding your diet to include some new and attractive natural ingredients? Well stop here and see what microgreens are all about!

Microgreens are grown via the same seeds that make full sized plants and herbs. Microgreens get their name from the fact that they are made smaller during harvesting. They are cut while growing to not stray very far upwards from the soil. They are also sometimes sold when not yet fully matured, giving its final owner the ability to cut the plant as it grows. Microgreens currently exist in a number of different varieties, and will likely increase in production volume with time.

Since microgreens can be produced from any number of different greens, there are many both aesthetic and personal uses for them. Microgreens are currently popular in the culinary industry, and can often be used to accent different foods and drinks. Since microgreens are small and visually appealing, they can easily fit onto any plate as a piece to view and enjoy and make a dining experience that much more pleasing to they eye.

And in fact, microgreens are totally edible and tasty, allowing their presence to be experienced with multiple senses. With a variety of different base greens, microgreens can be made and prepared to suit a variety of tastes. A popular method of microgreens is sugar-coating, making the greens sweeter and giving them a more crystallized look. Most popularly, sugar flowers and herb crystals are used in cooking and baking and make for a wonderful addition to any edible piece. Many bakers use sugar flowers for cupcakes, using them as adorable yet edible accents. Herb crystals are also used to accent drinks as well, acting as a classy addition to any mixed drink or cocktail.

Microgreens are on the rise, and many individuals back them up as an extremely effective and beautiful new way to accent prepared foods and give any dish or drink a more sophisticated look. Microgreens are also harvested to sell and use or to continue harvesting, so many individuals can try to grow micro greens for themselves and continue to use them. So try these greens and herb crystals out and add a touch of micro beauty to your dishes!

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