The Guide for Getting Great Custom Birthday Cakes


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Want cake more quickly and easily than ever before? Thanks to a new invention by Harvard juniors Brook Nowakowski and John McCallum, you can have it.

Their product, called Spray Cake, is patent-pending, and keeps cake dough in a pressurized spray can. The aerosol design of the can releases air bubbles into the batter, eliminating the need for baking powder or soda. To use, one just has to spray the batter into a pan, pop the pan into a microwave, and voila — fresh cake in under five minutes.

Spray Cake might find some love among foodies as well, as it uses an organic batter made entirely from scratch. The can the cake comes from is also produced from recyclable materials. When Nowakowski, McCallum’s business partner, first tried the cake, she was surprised at how tasty it was.

“When I put it in my mouth, my first thought was, this is cake, this is cake! And I had to ask him…did you actually spray this out of a can or did you just pour this in a pan?” She said.

If you’re looking for a special occasion cake, then Spray Cake might not be the right option. It could, though, come in handy when people need to bake a cake quickly and easily, especially since no additional ingredients are needed.

Custom made cakes in general are becoming more popular as ways to celebrate both important milestones and birthdays alike. Custom birthday cakes from a bakery can be easy to budget in for a party, and both taste and look much better than a generic grocery-store cake.

What should you look for in a specialty birthday cake, if you’re committed to getting something more upscale than cake that comes out of a can or box? Look for birthday cake shops that can show you examples of their past work. Always remember to check the online reviews, as well: it might not be obvious by looking through a portfolio that a bakery has beautiful speciality birthday cakes, but awful customer service.

If you want to make sure that birthday cake shops provide a great tasting cake, keep this in mind: most cake bakeries also make cupcakes, and often using the same recipes. Buying a cupcake to judge flavor can help you determine the best place to buy a full cake.

What seasonal cake flavors would you opt for in a unique birthday cake? Let us know in the comments.
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