2 Miracle Herb Alternatives You Need To Stock Up On


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As a foodie, you probably already know all about the flavor and health benefits of herbs. Most cooking herbs are chock full of important vitamins, essential oils, and anti-oxidants which help purge our bodies of toxins. Some even have antibacterial properties that boost our immune systems. You also probably use the common cooking herbs, such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary, as often as a painter uses cadmium yellow or titanium white on their canvas.

But we’re not here to tell you about what you already know. This week, we are writing because we are really excited about two more lesser-known herbs that have been making a comeback in American kitchens over the past decade:

Fennel Pollen
The fennel plant is an aromatic perennial herb with a wide variety of medicinal and culinary functions. Fennel is extremely high in fiber and vitamin C and has been steeped like tea historically to reduce bloating and other stomach ailments. Fennel in the kitchen is an even more exciting story. Often compared to licorice in flavor, fennel is a creative addition to many dishes including risotto, roasted chicken, and fall vegetables like pumpkin and squash. Fennel pollen is simply the strongest, most concentrated form of fennel, with a flavor potency nearly 10 times as strong as the whole herb. In Italy it is often used to accentuate the natural flavors in bread or to amp up a pesto. We like fennel pollen because of its simple strength and uncanny ability to infuse an entire dish with flavor.

Dill Pollen
Dill pollen is our absolute favorite way to dress up fish, particularly salmon dishes. Dill pollen carries all the flavors of dill but keeps for longer than fresh dill leaves and is about 10 times as strong as the whole leaf herb. Dill is also one of the healthiest herb choices out there, pulling double duty as a great anti-bacterial herb and as a naturally significant source of calcium.

How To Get Your Hands On These Miracle Herbs
If you’re as excited as we are for more flavorful fennel and dill without the fuss that comes with freshness, we recommend finding a place to buy pollen online. Typically the farms that harvest these niche herb reductions are small and do most of their business via mail order. You might have to do a little investigating, but if you find a good pollen source, we promise you the flavors and health boons will be well worth it!

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