4 Reasons Why An Ice Cream Fundraiser Would Be A Huge Success


Plastic ice cream cups

Summer is the perfect time to have a fundraiser. Kids are out from school, and their parents are looking to keep them entertained and occupied. That’s why a lot of people … from charities to sports teams … have turned to ice cream or frozen yogurt “socials”, or simply selling the products outright, to raise money. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying ice cream cups or frozen yogurt cups wholesale to raise money.

1. Buying Frozen Yogurt Cups Wholesale Is Cheap And Easy

Ice cream and frozen yogurt … two rather similar products … are actually fairly simple to buy wholesale, especially if you find the right supplier. Buying frozen yogurt cups wholesale … versus buying from a grocery store or even making your own … is a cost … effective solution to the issue of providing treats for all of your customers or guests. Buying from a wholesaler also means that you can possibly get other supplies wholesale … like drink cups or plastic tasting spoons, for example.

2. An Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt Party Is The Perfect Summer Fundraiser

Did you know that June is the month when the most ice cream is produced? It is, and June is also the perfect time capitalize on people’s need for their favorite sweet treat. The desire for ice cream is so great the is that about 9% of all ice cream produced in the United States goes towards making ice cream. Unlike other more “niche” products, you can be all but guaranteed that ice cream will sell, and to a wide audience of people.

3. Ice Cream Comes In A Variety Of Types And Flavors For Everyone

Everyone has their favorite flavor of ice cream, with the International Ice Cream Association member companies reporting that vanilla is their consumers’ favorite flavor at 28%. By buying wholesale, you can ensure that you get exactly the right amount of flavors and types of ice cream. For example, some people like ice cream, some like frozen yogurt, and others prefer gelato. Yes, you can buy gelato cups! The world is a beautiful place.

4. You Can Even Customize Ice Cream Cups

Custom ice cream cups are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. You can order your ice cream cups with a specific design in mind, to represent you and your goals. In fact, some ice cream cups can even be ordered to come emblazoned with names or photos upon their lids. Either way, you can make sure that your ice cream cups represent you and what you’re about.

There’s nothing holding you back from putting on the tastiest party all summer! Choose ice cream … everyone will be happy you did.

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