With 3 Simple Letter’s You’ll Never Have Snack Anxiety Again


Dips for veggies

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Football Sundays in full swing, snacking is a top priority for many an individual. But with so many choices in the snacking world these days, picking the right dips and spreads at the grocery store can be a dizzying process.
Luckily, we’re here to provide respite from your impending snacker’s fatigue. In this post, you’ll find the ultimate bible for snackers, and it all comes down to an acronym: HGS.
Before you get too confused, let us explain. Imagine this: you find yourself hours away from the big game with not a snack in the pantry. Your friends are coming in only an hour. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your friends, right? In order to avoid the judgement of rumbling tummies and an empty snack table, you dash to the nearest grocery store.
You arrive in a cold sweat. Instrumental pop songs are a deafening roar in your ear as your frantically run to the snack aisle. As you approach, it stretches before you as a desert would, with far too many options to think sanely.
But luckily, you remember HGS: hummus, guacamole, salsa.
Remembering the three most important snack ingredients of all, your sweat abates, the roaring pop music quietens. Suddenly, the grocery store is a tranquil place, and with your three items in check, you go to retrieve your final item of purchase: chips. Because what is salsa without tortilla chips?
Yes, HGS makes choosing the right snacks for every occasion a breeze. Each dip provides a unique experience that every eater will love. Firstly, hummus dips are creamy and tangy, providing a Mediterranean spin on your regular party snacks. Next, we have guacamole dips, a creamy, zesty and refreshing companion to any potato or corn chip. Finally, we have salsa, a spicy amalgamation of tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. What is salsa without guacamole and hummus? An incomplete party, that’s what.
So next time you find yourself frantically sweating in the snack aisle, pull out that handkerchief and relax: HGS has you covered. See this link for more.

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