Are You Serving Pico de Gallo Salsa at Your Next Party?


What is guacamole

It will be the first time that your daughter will be home since she left at the end of July. She is a freshman in college, attending a school that is 12 hours away from home. While many of her friends had a chance to come home for Thanksgiving, she did not. Her visit home will be kind of brief. A short two weeks. You know that she has a number of friends she wants to see and spend time with. The trick will be to have those friend gatherings happen at your house so what you and your husband and younger daughter will be able to see your older daughter as much as possible.
There seems to be only one solution. Food. And lots of it. In addition to planning for some traditional Christmas meals, you have also been stocking up on pico de gallo salsa, chips and other snacks that will attract and keep the first year college crowd at your house. Here’s the menu so far:

  • chips and pico de gallo salsa
  • wheat crackers and roasted red pepper hummus dip
  • vegetables and greek yogurt dip
  • chips and spicy guacamole dip
  • mini pizzas
  • Christmas cookies
  • hot cider and hot chocolate

And, if the food isn’t enough you have also rearranged the family room in the basement with several game tables, complete with the group’s favorite board games. Your husband has moved an additional television to the basement so that the group can use one as a video screen for the gaming console, while still being able to watch the college bowl football games on the other television.
In addition to keeping the crowd at your house, you also have an ulterior motive. You know for a fact that your daughter and her college friends have not been eating the best foods in the dorm. They have been relying on lots of carbs and caffeine to get them through their days. The reason you plan to serve fresh pico de gallo salsa, hummus, and trays full of vegetables in addition to the sweet treats is you are hoping to remind your daughter and her friends how good healthy snacks can taste.
A simple two spoonfuls of hummus a day will fulfill the required bean recommendation for an entire week. Unfortunately, 90% of Americans don?t eat enough vegetables each day, including the nutrient-rich beans in hummus and the equally nutritious tomatoes in pico de gallo salsa. In addition to all of these healthy vegetables, the all-natural Greek yogurt veggie dips have 67% fewer calories and 88% less fat than the leading sour cream dips.
The plans are coming together nicely. Texts and snapchats have ben sent. The new to college crowd knows that your house is the place to be. The schedule includes plenty of delicious and nutritious food, and lots of late night conversations!

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