What Is a Drum Pump?


Sanitary diaphragm pump

Some tools and supplies are so versatile that they are used in not just one, but a variety, of industries. Pneumatic drum pump suppliers offer one of those very versatile products. Sanitary pumps, for example, can be used in the pharmaceutical production and development industry, as well as water treatment process. Pneumatic drum pump suppliers sometimes specialize in pumps for one specific industry, but more often they provide their product to pharmaceutical, chemical, water, food and beverage, and cosmetic industries.
Being a company that supplies high pressure diaphragm pump models and other variations to many industries means that any improvement made can have a major impact on many industrial segments of our nation. In addition to benefitting so many industries, pneumatic drum pump suppliers also help the world achieve the goal of supplying safe water to the entire population. Worldwide goals include making sure that more than 90% of the world?s population have access to improved drinking water sources by the end of the year 2015. Pneumatic drum pump suppliers and their products will play a major part in reaching this goal.
Even though many parts of the world are seeing unparalleled progress, some parts of the planet still consider water a scarce resource. Because no person can exist without water, and because the world population continues to grow, global water demand is also expected to grow. The projection is that this need will increase to nearly 6,350 cubic kilometers by 2030. This is significantly higher than the 4,500 cubic kilometers in 2010. Without continued production and improvement of life changing technologies like pneumatic drum pumps, the world will not be able to reach these huge goals.
Encouragingly, any advancement that is made in water treatment technologies also benefits many any other industries. For example, the soft drink industry, which relies on sanitary pumps for restaurant and fast food drink delivery, creates nearly $60 billion in sales a year. Additionally, almost 18% of the American pharmaceutical industry revenue is spent on research and development. While much of the research concerns the creation and advancement of medicine, a significant amount of this research deals with production, distribution, and cleaning of industry mechanisms to produce this medicine. Again, pneumatic drum pumps play an important part in many of these pharmaceutical processes.
We are a country that sees lateral technological progress between many industries. The pneumatic drum pump industry is an excellent example. The success that is created in one industry like safe drinking water technologies and water treatment, carries over to other industries like cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical.

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