A Perfect Party, Guaranteed! Your Guide to Throwing the best Birthday for Your Child


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Throwing a kid’s birthday party can be challenging for many parents. It’s tough to entertain a large group of kids, but it doesn’t have to be a headache for mom and dad! There are some key components that every child’s birthday party must have, no matter how big or small an ordeal. How do you keep everyone entertained while still maintaining your sanity? Check out these three important factors for making your child’s birthday the best on the block!

  1. Sweet Treats
    When throwing a birthday party for kids, sweet treats are an absolute must-have. A birthday is a special day to indulge, even for the little ones. If you want your child?s birthday to be a hit with all of their friends, you?ll need to do one better than the typical cake and ice cream offering. Make the desserts and party favors an interactive experience for added fun! Try a sundae bar where the kids can build their own ice cream treat or a chocolate fondue fountain.
    A do-it-yourself type serving set up will be undeniably fun for your party goers, and it will create less work for you. No need to cut and serve cake and tediously scoop ice cream! You?ll still need to supervise the area, especially if there are younger kids, but something like a chocolate fountain is fun and easy for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Games and Activities
    After all of those sugary goodies, your party guests will need an outlet for all their energy. Organize some activities for the kids so that they can run around and play together. You can orchestrate any type of physical activity that gets the kids up and moving. Anything from a simple game of tag to a big inflatable bounce house will delight and entertain your guests.
    If you?re looking for activities that are a bit more low-key, try setting up an arts and crafts station where the kids can use their hands to create something to take home with them. If you have the space inside, make a mini-movie theater! Play your child’s favorite film with a hearty helping of popcorn and snacks.
  3. Something for the Parents
    When it comes to birthdays for younger children, sometimes the parents are invited to stay for the party to help supervise. If this is the case with your child?s birthday celebration, you?ll want to offer a little something for the adults. This is a perfect way to show your gratitude if they do help with the festivities. Make an “adults only” spiked punch for your children?s parents to sip on as the party rages on. It?s a good idea to keep the food kid friendly while still appealing to an older generation. Universally satisfying meals like mac and cheese or finger foods are a great way to entertain both kids and adults alike.

What are some of your favorite birthday party activities? Tell us in the comments below!

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