Mother’s Day Surprise for Loving and Caring Mother


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Good Morning America surprised a loving mother with ‘Breakfast in Bed’ award.

Sheree Ann Jones, mother of five from Salt Lace City, has been a loving mother to all her kids and sacrificed so much.

According to ABC News, Jones gave up her career as a teacher to raise her five children. To raise funds for one of her daughters, Tiffany McQueen, Jones held a secret yard sale to help her daughter play in a soccer tournament in Europe.

Jones even sold her favorite baker’s rack that took more than a year to pay for.

“I think at 16, I was just so into myself that I didn’t realize it until later on of what a huge sacrifice that was,” Tiffany said.

When her family was going through some difficult financial times, around Christmas, Jones sold her wedding ring so that she could buy presents for her kids. She claimed she had lost it, but her daughters didn’t believe it.

“We said, ‘mom what happened to your wedding ring?'” Tiffany and her sister, Jamie Jones, said. “And it got real quiet. And she looked at us and said ‘I’ve never told anything this before… years ago when money was tight we couldn’t afford Christmas. And so I sold my ring to a pawn shop so we could give you guys a Christmas.'”

A few days before Mother’s Day, Tiffany, Jamie, and the rest of her siblings publicly honored their mother for all she had done for them.

Her family tricked her into thinking she was attending Good Morning America to honor Tiffany for Teacher Appreciation Week, but celebrity chef Emeril Lagassee gave her the surprise of a lifetime when he told her she was nominated for GMA’s Mothers’ Day Breakfast in Bed Contest — and that she is the winner.

“I feel honored and undeserving,” Jones said.

This was the first year that Lagasse has not gone to the winner’s home to deliver the surprise and was the first time ever the contest winner had been revealed live in the GMA studio in Times Square.

It’s impossible for everyone to surprise their mother with a trip to Good Morning America, a video tribute on live television, a new bed, and a ‘Breakfast in Bed’ award, but you can still give your mother the special day she deserves.

Crystallized flowers with crystallized rose petals on them make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. She probably already knows that you care, but a special little something can really help show it.

What better way to show mom that you love and appreciate her than edible flowers (besides a live TV video tribute). Crystallized roses will light up her day and she will feel the love that you know she deserves.

Whether it’s a trip to Good Morning America, a crystallized rose, or simply a cup of coffee in the morning, make sure you love and appreciate your mom every single day, and not just on Mother’s Day.

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